“My life hasn’t been perfect, yet I’ve never wasted my time envying anyone else. If something wasn’t the best it could be – I made it better.” Convicted, by Aleatha Romig

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Book 3 – in the Consequences Trilogy

Book 1: Consequences

Book 2: Truth

5 – blubbering WTF did I just read stars!

Blurb: You must stick to your CONVICTION, but be ready to abandon your assumptions – Denis Waitley

Book #3 of the Consequences Series—

There were still lessons to learn and consequences for the truth!
When Claire Nichols met Anthony Rawlings, she didn’t know they had a past, or that he had plans for her future. Over time, the role of teacher changed—games became reality—and domination turned to desire. Despite an insurmountable history, Claire and Tony found their way back to one another.

Just when they seemed to have it all—love, respect, and the promise of a family—the game master exposed the truth. Claire’s world once again spun out of control. Unwilling to allow her child to suffer the consequences of an old vendetta, Claire fled…

At one time, Claire was held captive in an opulent mansion—then her incarceration was a cell inside a state penitentiary. Was her new prison—a tropical island—truly less lonely? Perhaps that was the game master’s plan, all along?

Who will save Claire from her oldest nightmare and her newest reality? Will it be Tony? Can he forgive her for leaving him—again? Harry? Will he utilize previously unknown connections to save the woman who infiltrates his thoughts? Maybe Phil? Will his devotion in keeping Claire and her child safe be rewarded?

As the cards are played—sins of the past, innocent victims, and truths are revealed. With compartmentalization no longer an option, is the reality too much? Could there be an even worse isolation?

With the game master dealing from a stacked deck, can this new high-stakes game possibly be won?

When it’s all over and their cards are on the table—SOME will discover their bets were too high—they have nothing left to lose—ALL will learn the crucial lesson—the most important rule—there are CONSEQUENCES for the TRUTH!

If you haven’t read  book 1 or 2, please note – there will be spoilers from the previous book, this is the third and final installment in Aleatha Romig’s Consequences Trilogy.

These books are looooooooong – about 8 to 9 hours length wise in my Kindle. And, I’m not one to shy away, but all three books took some time to digest and figure out WTF was going on. This has got to be one of THE most convoluted stories I’ve ever read. There are stories within stories – and then those stories have stories – and so on and so forth – and ALL those stories? They have secrets. You get the point..

We left off from book 2 on an island in the south pacific. Things seemed to be ok, we got a semi-happy ending, but left wanting more (of course.)

Without going into detail, we open the 3rd book with a massive WTF is going on? It’s 2016, Claire is not on the island – Tony’s no where to be found and Emily and John are raising Claire’s baby. Uh, huh? Excuse me?

Yeah – so of course, we have to back track throughout the entire book to get to the route of the story. Did Claire and Tony stay together? Did she have a boy or girl? Did Catherine’s plans back fire? Or was she successful in her pursuit of Tony and Claire – is that why Claire’s in an institution? SOOOOOOOOOOO Many questions – and I had to wade through 7.5 hours of book to get to the best part – the last 20% is where all the questions are answered – and she makes you feel about 20 different things in the matter of three pages. I was crying, I was yelling WHAT THE FUCK!!!, begging please, no, no, no make it a dream!!!!!

My husband came in and asked me what the hell I was yelling at, saw my kindle in my hand and shook his head as he shut the door. He should know by now, it’s either an episode of True Blood – or a book 🙂 Sometimes I can get a tad bit over emotional about things.

There is a TON of description through this series – it at times can be dense and hard to get through, but if you stick with it – you won’t be disappointed. The story is strange – heart breaking – angry – forgiving – and by the end you will love Tony for what he has become – not what he was.

“Hold on to this life, Emma,” he whispered. “You’re so much stronger than you think you are.” Barely Breathing, by Rebecca Donovan

172998195 outta 5 +++ Stars!


Emma’s struggle with an abusive home life came to a heart pounding conclusion in the final chapters of Reason to Breathe. Now everyone in Weslyn knows Emma’s secret, but Carol can’t hurt Emma anymore. Some are still haunted by the horror of that night, and some must face the repercussions of their choices. Fans of Rebecca Donovan’s debut novel will discover there’s still much to learn about Emma’s life.

Yes, I am a HUGE fan of Rebecca Donovan’s Breathing Series – and Book #2: Barely Breathing DID NOT disappoint. Just when you think you can’t learn anymore – you can’t love Emma and Evan anymore – or cry anymore; you’re sooooooooooooo wrong!

If you haven’t read Book 1 Reason to Breath – DO NOT read any further!

Emma is finally free from the lies she’s held onto – about the abuse she suffered at the hand of her Aunt Carol. Carol is in prison – her husband took the children and moved to Florida to live with his mother. Emma has been living with Sara and her family, trying to heal from the whole ordeal with Carol both physically and emotionally. She and Evan are still together and no longer have to sneak around. Emma is free to have a social life now – outside of school – and without fear.

Just when things seem to be going good – in walks Rachel, Emma’s mother.

Rachel wants a second chance, try to make amends to Emma for leaving her with her aunt and uncle, and all the abuse she had to suffer because of it. She means well – and it seems that Emma is available to her – she’s willing to try and make their relationship work, but when Emma moves in she slowly starts to realize Rachel’s issues are still VERY much there. She’s drinking – heavily – and Emma suspects more, as random men are in and out of the house, Emma doesn’t really feel safe in the house she’s supposed to call home.

Rachel starts dating Jonathan, a younger guy in his 20’s who works at the same firm she does. Jonathan becomes a fixture in their lives, spending the night and bonding with Emma when neither of them can sleep late at night. Emma can tell that Jonathan is haunted by something in his past, but she doesn’t pry – but she finds herself opening up to him in a way she hasn’t allowed herself to do with Evan – which is starting to throw a massive wrench in their relationship; in walk Analise. A new girl in school, whose parents are befriend by Evan’s mother and father – leaving Evan to show her the ropes at her new school. She’s obviously crushing on Evan, who wouldn’t right? And it’s grating on everyone’s nerves.

But you can’t blame the guy for being nice – and honestly, looking for someone whose open to him. If there’s anything Emma should have learned from the time living with Carol, is that secrets are-no-good. She can’t hide things like she did before – it nearly got her killed. But Emma it seems still hasn’t learned her lesson. And she drifts farther and farther away from Evan because of it, finding solace in Jonathan – whom is apart of her everyday life at home she doesn’t have to lie to him. You can sense trouble is brewing – especially when Evan starts hanging out with a new girl in town – Analise, whose parents have befriend Evan’s mother and father. Analise seems to be everywhere Evan is, and it’s driving Emma crazy.

But the ever faithful Evan is constantly reassuring her she means nothing to him – he’s in love with her – he saved her life and in a sense is still suffering himself from finding her that night – broken and not breathing. He was there to save her – just in the nick of time – but he still can’t shake the uneasy feeling he has from almost loosing her.

Donovan has an amazing way of telling Emma’s story – through secrets and revelations. You feel for Emma – you REALLY feel for her. You feel her pain as she tries to open up, and you see her making the same mistakes she has in the past, that’s creating more problems for her future. You wonder why Evan sticks around when Emma pushes him away – but he loves her. You wonder why Jonathan is spending so much time with teenage girl that’s got more baggage than your average teenager, but you kind of love him for it – for protecting her from Rachel. But there’s still an uneasy feeling you get – because he’s so much older and you’re not sure if he’s taking advantage of her or not.

Rachel is her own ball of issues that Emma DEFINITELY doesn’t need in her life. She’s just recovered from almost being murdered by her aunt – and now having to deal with her drunk, over emotional mother whose still grieving for Emma’s father. Rachel can’t see past to be a mother – she’s too wrapped up in her own issues to care about anyone but herself, and Emma just suffers along in silence.

Rebecca Donovan is the master of cliffhangers – and doesn’t disappoint with this book – but lucky for you, if you haven’t started the series you won’t have to wait the year I did for the third and final book in the series Out of Breath. The ending will leave you reeling – heart broken – and asking over and over WTF? Did she REALLY do that? What the hell happens now????

Just be thankful, you didn’t have to wait the year I did to find out –


“I breathed for you… I begged for you to breathe with every breath I gave to you. I kept pleading for you to breathe over and over again. And then… then you did.” Evan

“That night, when you were lying there, broken and barely breathing, I promised. I promised to always love you and that no one would ever hurt you again.” Evan

“Hold on to this life, Emma,” he whispered. “You’re so much stronger than you think you are.” Evan

“You asked why I stayed when I had every reason to leave ~ I stayed for you. I was drawn to you almost instantly without really understanding what was happening. I will always be here for you, Emma.” Jonathan

“But you can’t keep him in the dark when everything starts falling apart. You’re not protecting him, you know. You’re pushing him away.” Sara

“I’m beginning to think cookies is a code word for something else.” Wait For You, by J. Lynn (Jennifer L. Armentrout)

Wait For You5 outta 5 stars!

Only $2.99 on Amazon!


Some things are worth waiting for…

Traveling thousands of miles from home to enter college is the only way nineteen-year-old Avery Morgansten can escape what happened at the Halloween party five years ago—an event that forever changed her life. All she needs to do is make it to her classes on time, make sure the bracelet on her left wrist stays in place, not draw any attention to herself, and maybe—please God—make a few friends, because surely that would be a nice change of pace. The one thing she didn’t need and never planned on was capturing the attention of the one guy who could shatter the precarious future she’s building for herself.

Some things are worth experiencing…

Cameron Hamilton is six feet and three inches of swoon-worthy hotness, complete with a pair of striking blue eyes and a remarkable ability to make her want things she believed were irrevocably stolen from her. She knows she needs to stay away from him, but Cam is freaking everywhere, with his charm, his witty banter, and that damn dimple that’s just so… so lickable. Getting involved with him is dangerous, but when ignoring the simmering tension that sparks whenever they are around each other becomes impossible, he brings out a side of her she never knew existed.

Some things should never be kept quiet…

But when Avery starts receiving threatening emails and phone calls forcing her to face a past she wants silenced, she’s has no other choice but to acknowledge that someone is refusing to allow her to let go of that night when everything changed. When the devastating truth comes out, will she resurface this time with one less scar? And can Cam be there to help her or will he be dragged down with her?

And some things are worth fighting for…

Wait for You was one of my favorite books of 2013 so far. Avery has issues – she’s a freshman in college that’s somewhat ran away from her past back home – and the memory of what happened to her one Halloween. She keeps her distance from most people. She lives alone in a small one bedroom apartment and doesn’t have many friends. In walks Cameron Hamilton – well Avery basically slams into him running to class and thus begins a tortured friendship. Not tortured in a bad way – but in a good way. Cameron has to break down all Avery’s walls to get in and show her that she can trust him. Little does she know he’s closer than she thought – both figuratively and physically – living in the same apartment complex. Now he’s every where she turns.

Avery and Cameron play off each other really well. They have real chemistry that’s both sexy and funny. He won’t let her blow him off – even when she tries and tries again to push him away. But Avery is carrying around secrets – that keep haunting her in forms of blocked phone numbers and emails. Her past threatening to come forward and shatter her present life that she’s slowly starting to rebuild as a new person. She’s not sure she can handle it – and Cameron doesn’t even know what the hell is going on – almost until it’s too late.

Coming October 22nd 2013: Trust in Me – Cameron’s POV story – I can’t wait!!!!


“I’m beginning to think cookies is a code word for something else.”
“Maybe it is.” He tugged on my bag again as he took a confident step back, forcing me down another step. “And just think about it. If cookie was a code word, whatever it symbolizes, it’s been in your mouth, sweetheart.”

“Leaning back against Cam’s chest, I tipped my head back and I reached up, cupping his cheek. I drew his mouth to mine and kissed him softly. “Thank you.”
His lips curved up on one side. “For what?”
“For waiting for me.”

“You’ve been checking me out, haven’t you? In between your flaming insults? I feel like man candy.”

“As long as the sun’s shining, shit can’t be that bad.”

“My brain was telling me this was a bad idea and I told my brain to shut the fuck up, because it rarely told me anything helpful.”

“How many times can a heart be broken before it is beyond mend?” Thief, by Tarryn Fisher

160909815 outta 5 stars!

Thief – Love me with Lies Book 3, by Tarryn Fisher

$4.99 on Amazon!

(If you haven’t read the Opportunist or Dirty Red – DO NOT read any further – contains spoilers)

Well we’ve come to the conclusion of Caleb and Olivia’s story, and all I can say is – WOW. I’m a little sad that it’s over, but Tarryn Fisher finished it so we weren’t left wanting…. (well maybe a little, but in a good way.) Caleb and Olivia have been so back and forth throughout all three books you sometimes don’t know which end is up with these two. There is constant lies from both of them, sometimes I found myself getting lost in the lies and trying to figure out the truth. Then you throw Leah into the picture and all hell breaks loose. As if Caleb and Olivia didn’t have enough issues of their own trying to be together, with her daddy issues – and his, I’m not even sure what his REAL issue was other than Olivia herself, and the fact she could never tell him she loves him, or ever be truly intimate with him until it was too late.

He tries for a second chance – it’s thwarted by Leah –

She tries for a second chance – it’s thwarted by the same red headed bitch.

It’s easy to blame Leah, even after reading her side of the story, you can see why she is the way she is, but that doesn’t mean we have to understand, or feel sorry for her. I still can’t stand her as a human being. Tarryn wrote one of the best villains I’ve read in a LONG time. I truly despised this woman as if she were real. But when Olivia finally gets her shit together after everything that’s happened, something always has to come up and ruin it for her. Maybe she’s just that self-destructive, I’m sure it’s a culmination of both her and Caleb, but I feel for the girl. I don’t pity her per-say, because a lot of the issues she has, she brings them on herself. If these two had just been honest with each other then they would have had their happily ever after ages ago, but then it wouldn’t be a very interesting story now would it? I found myself tearing up when they’d each find the kissing penny – because we all have those moments when we find an odd old nostalgic keep sake whether from an old lover, or friend that we’ve kept to cling to the happy memory.

Caleb is kind of a shit – and in this book, told through his perspective, you really get the story behind all that’s happened. All the assumptions Olivia and Leah both made about him and about his actions. You find out how truly screwed up this guy is, and how it nearly makes him perfect for Olivia. He can forgive all her lies and secrets, because he has them too – and as they slowly start telling the truth to each other they start to heal …. there’s only one problem though, Olivia has Noah.

There is ALWAYS something in the way with these two – not that it stops either of them from pursing the other. Temptation is foreplay for them.

I haven’t gotten hooked on a series in a while – but Tarryn Fisher sucked me in and I REALLY enjoyed my time getting to know these characters – and the twisted lives they lead.


Caleb: “I want to have more cake batter fights and camping trips. I want your future, Olivia. Please come back to me.”

Caleb: “My heart is in my throat, my brain is in my pants, my hands are up her dress.”

Caleb: “Broken people give broken love. And we are all a little broken. You just have to forgive and sew up the wounds love delivers, and move on.”

Olivia: “The sum of all the things we shouldn’t have done in our lives is enough to kill us with the weight, Caleb Drake. Neither you, nor I, nor anyone else in this life could possibly know the chain reaction our decisions cause. If you’re to blame, then so am I.”

“People are running to and from class and I just want to yell, slow down and wait for the world to catch up!” – The Redemption of Callie & Kayden by, Jessica Sorensen


5 outta 5 stars!

Book 2 of Callie & Kayden’s Story


– If you haven’t read The Coincidence of Callie & Kayden – this could spoil it for you –


The dark secret Kayden has kept hidden for years is out. Worse, he’s facing charges for battery. The only way he stands a chance against the charges is if Callie speaks up, something he’ll never ask her to do.

Callie knows Kayden is going back to his dark place and desperately wants to save him. But saving him means admitting her secrets aloud. Callie and Kayden are stronger than they think, especially when they’re together. Together they move forward, face their demons, and finally start to heal from their traumatic pasts.

So after we were kicked in the gut at the end of Coincidence – left with a cliffhanger – not knowing if Kayden was even going to LIVE! We’re punch right back in the same spot – when we find out that not all the damage done to him was from his father – that he took the knife and cut his wrist open himself. I know Callie has had her suspicions through book one, but to see it put out there finally was a little jarring. But who can blame the kid growing up in that house? His parents are certifiable – his dad is a monster – his mother is a drugged up zombie – and older brother who didn’t escape far enough seems to be following in her pill popping foot steps.

Kayden ends up in a hospital because his mother convinced the doctors that he hurt himself – she explains to him that his father was never there and that he’s been on a business trip for days. Uh-huh likely story. But thankfully one of his therapists see’s through the bullshit and finally asks him if his dad has ever hurt him. Then we finally think – YES! FINALLY someone is going to find out! But no – he’s so fucked in the head about everything that’s happened – he doesn’t tell him the truth.

When Callie finally see’s him at the hospital it’s been a few weeks – and he’s getting discharged. He basically blows her off and tells her she shouldn’t have come – he’s afraid to let her into his mess – he thinks she deserves better. And although you know it’s killing him? You know it’s coming from a good place – he’s doing it because he loves her – even though he can’t admit it – even to himself.

Callie goes back to school – leaving Kayden at his parents house. She feel’s guilty but he won’t talk to her – he won’t talk to anyone really. When Thanksgiving break comes around – Callie, Luke and Seth all hope into Luke’s beat up truck and head back home for break. They come up with a plan for a road trip after Luke offer’s up his father’s beach house in California. Callie finally is able to get through to Kayden enough – they start talking and he agrees to go with them. They’re all trying to save him from being stuck in his parents house – where all his nightmares surround him. Once they’re in California things start to progress with Callie and Kayden – he’s finally opening up and they make love – it’s the first time they’ve been together since he took her virginity and even though it’s kind of sad and tragic? It’s also beautiful. I love that he can make her feel normal after what Caleb took from her on her 12th birthday.

They decide to head back home a few days early – after Callie and Kayden keep locked up in the bedroom making up for lost time – they both agree they’re finally going to tell someone about the tragic things that have happened to them – Callie is going to confess to her parents about what Caleb did to her – and Kayden is going to tell his therapist about all the abuse he has suffered at the hands of his father.

It’s such a relief when it’s done – I feel horrible for Callie’s parents because her father is enraged and heartbroken – her mother is still kind of annoying but understandably upset. Her brother? Does all he can and turns Caleb in for growing/selling weed – so when and if he ever turns up back in town the police will arrest him. It’s sad that no charges will come up on him, but it’s been too long since it happened. Kayden spends all night at a diner with his therapist and confesses a lot of what’s happened to him through the years – he tells him that though he cut his own wrist that night – his father was the one that stabbed him in the stomach. His therapist tells him to continue on with his therapy once he’s back at school – and tells him to call him day or night if he needs anything. They both feel the weight lifted off of their shoulders when they head back to school – but not before Kayden stops at his parents house to confront them – and tell them he’s finally confessed to someone what his father did.

But they’re gone – the house is packed – the windows bare – they.are.gone.

Everyone is kind of shocked – but think that they took off knowing Kayden was probably going to call the police and turn his father in for almost killing him – his mother, father and brother have all fled and he has no idea where they’ve gone. They head back to school and Callie finally convinces Kayden to search for his oldest brother – to which Seth finds him through the internet and he’s living in Virgina – a teacher – married with no children. Kayden gets the courage to call him and at the end of the book he flies out there to meet him. His brother is the only one that got away – and stayed away. He couldn’t handle their father’s abuse any longer. He drive’s Kayden to the outskirts of a prison and tells him that they use to have an uncle – their father’s brother – but that their grandfather killed him in a fit of rage and is sitting in that very prison in front of them. Things start to click with why his father is the way he is – he obviously grew up in a home much worse – and the fear crawls through Kayden as he realizes just how bad that night could have been if Callie and Luke hadn’t shown up when they did.

Not even thinking he calls Callie right away and say’s I Love You….

We all know he does – Callie even knows he does – he just didn’t know how to say it.

But there’s more – of course –

Callie’s brother calls her to tell her that Caleb’s house was searched by the police and they found journals in his floorboards. Journals that he wrote in – explaining and fantasizing about all the horrible things he did to her – and to other girls. One being Luke’s sister – who committed suicide a few years back. We get another glimpse into the depravity of Caleb and left with an ending that’s obviously sporting for another book. 🙂

it was definitely worth the wait!


“How am I supposed to move forward in life when everything important to me is motionless.”

“People are running to and from class and I just want to yell, slow down and wait for the world to catch up!”

“Callie, if she hates herself for a while, then she hates herself for a while. You’ve been carrying around the burden for the last six years and it’s about time someone else took a little bit of the weight off of you.”

“No, but I’ve never been one for wise ideas,” he says. “I believe in irrational, fleeting decisions that keep life interesting. And life needs to be interesting because we’ve got only one of them to live.”

“Maybe if I try hard enough, we’ll fall into each other and become one single person and we can share our pain instead of carrying it by ourselves.”

“He tastes like mint and need, as he overpowers me with his tongue.”

“Life is not what it’s supposed to be. It’s what it is. The way you cope with it is what makes the difference.” Consequences, by Aleatha Romig

Consequences Book 1

3.5 outta 5 stars

I’m not even sure where to begin – here is the synopsis:

Besieged by memories of a brutal abduction, Claire Nichols wakes in an unfamiliar bedroom, within a luxurious mansion. Her recollections have one common denominator, the man she just met, Anthony Rawlings.
Unbeknownst to Claire, for a very long time, she has been within Anthony’s sights. Many of the pivotal events in her life occurred, due to his sinister manipulation. Every action has a consequence, and his actions result in their chance meeting.

More than a psychological thriller, Consequences is a vivid story of one woman’s struggle to survive incomprehensible circumstances. Every aspect of her being suddenly depends upon the tall, wealthy, dark haired, dark eyed businessman. Anthony Rawlings is known to the world as prosperous, benevolent, and kind. Claire quickly learns that he can also be a menacing controlling captor.

With few options but concession, Claire attempts to earn her freedom, while enduring a hellish existence that truly appears perfect. Persevering tests and trials, she struggles to retain her pure Midwest values and beliefs. Encouraged by memories of a loving upbringing, she gains strength in the simplest of joys: solitude in nature and good in the face of evil.

His goal in sight, Anthony’s calculated agenda encounters an unforeseen detour. He becomes captivated by Claire’s beauty, resilience, and determination. The interaction of these two compelling characters instigates strong emotions: fear, anger, love, and lust. Claire and Anthony’s tumultuous journey flows into uncharted waters of intrigue and passion.

Utilizing vivid detail, this 167,000-word novel unfolds like a movie, before the eyes of its readers. From the opening criminal abduction, through twists and turns, to the unlikely romantic thrills, the suspense climaxes as Anthony’s motivation becomes evident.

Anthony and Claire must decide if they will stay true to one another, or allow preceding actions to result in justifiable Consequences.

As you can see – it’s a complicated story. When I initially rated it on Goodreads – I gave it three stars, because i was so annoyed when i finished. There was a pretty damn good cliffhanger, but luckily i wanted to read this until the second book was already out – but after being stuck in this story for days – because it’s RIDICULOUSLY long – like 11.5 hours on my Kindle long. And I’m not a reader that shy’s away from a long book – I guess i wasn’t interested in the story enough to think I could forge ahead – but it hooked me enough to finish.

Anthony is a bastard – a hot bastard – but still a bastard. Claire? I’m not sure what to categorize her as – idiot? victim? Stockholm syndrome sufferer? This story is so thick I was going back and forth trying to keep up with the past and present – and usually this isn’t an issue for me…. but Aleatha Romig like’s a story so thick you have dive waist deep to find out what the hell is going on. More than half way through it – i could see where this was going and how Claire was changing from victim to willing participant and i wasn’t happy about it – i was actually kind of disgusted. Because of the horrible things that Anthony did to her in the beginning? Or the fact that she’s there against her will in the first place? How the fuck could she even remotely be attracted to this man – unless she was brainwashed – especially after she disobeys him one too many times and he nearly killers her – i don’t care if he thinks he’s developing feelings for her – he’s a bastard, and 90% of me hated him through the entire book. There was no redeeming qualities about him – even when he starts acting somewhat loving and human – i can’t get past the rest of the bullshit to care enough. And I want to smack the hell out of Claire for even thinking for a second he was genuine.

If you’re interested in a twisted story of love/hate/lies/betrayal/revenge – here it is – wrapped up in Anthony Rawlings and Claire Nichols. But be prepared for a MIND fuck!

Book#2 – Truth – review to come!


This was my initial Goodreads review:

If you haven’t read it yet – DO NOT read any further!

1) It’s insanely long. I’ve started books on my Kindle and notice the 5 to 6 hour time line it’s giving me to finish it, this does not shy me away. But 10.5 hours? I did a double take and rethought the idea of spending the next few weeks monopolized in this novel. (So it only too me 11 days to get threw – still seemed like FOREVER.)

2) Anthony is a tool – I’m not even remotely interested in him as a character unless he’s terrorizing Claire, who after she accepts his proposal and doesn’t run screaming into the streets of NYC? Is asking for it – as far as I’m concerned. I wanted to reach through my kindle and slap the hell out of her sitting in that carriage in Central Park and even remotely debating her freedom. But looks like the Stockholm Syndrome won in the end.

3) The sex is non-existent accept when she’s talking about her bruises and the fact that he raped her the night before. And then half way through the book we as readers are supposed to understand she now enjoys it? WTF!

4) The back story comes a little too late and left me some what confused at first, but once it all hit me that this was a ploy the entire time – that ever bad thing that happened in Claire’s life was Tony’s fault from the crazed mined of his grandfather – I just rolled my eyes

5) I’m excited to read the 2nd book even though I could rip this one to shreds, just for the mere fact Claire seems to get her back bone replaced and frankly, I want to see what hellish revenge she enacts on Tony to watch him squirm.

I gave this 2 stars at first, but I’ll throw in the third for keeping me at least entertained enough to finish it. But I could have edited out about 1/4 of the shopping trips, her walks in the woods and the never ending play of her being happy in her prison cell estate.

“I can do pain. That’s the easy part of life. It’s everything else, happiness, laughter, love, that’s fucking complicated.” The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden, by Jessica Sorensen


5 outta 5 stars!
Author, Jessica Sorensen gutted me with this book – I didn’t think two more tragic people could find any scrape of happiness – let alone together, with out destroying each other.


There are those who don’t get luck handed to them on a shiny platter, who end up in the wrong place at the wrong time, who don’t get saved.

Luck was not on Callie’s side the day of her twelfth birthday when everything was stolen from her. After it’s all over, she locks up her feelings and vows never to tell anyone what happened. Six years later her painful past consumes her life and most days it’s a struggle just to breathe.

For as long as Kayden can remember, suffering in silence was the only way to survive life. As long as he did what he was told, everything was okay. One night, after making a terrible mistake, it seems like his life might be over. Luck was on his side, though, when Callie coincidentally is in the right place at the right time and saves him.

Now he can’t stop thinking about the girl he saw at school, but never really knew. When he ends up at the same college as Callie, he does everything he can to try to get to know her. But Callie is reserved and closed off. The more he tries to be part of her life, the more he realizes Callie might need to be saved.

4601855Check out the author’s blog for more info on her series!

I read this book over a year ago, but over the last few days re-read it in anticipation for the sequel

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Callie is damaged – a teenager who had a pretty normal and happy life until something unimaginable happens to her on her 12th birthday – it shatters her and turns her into a stranger. She has no friends – barely makes it through high school clutching on to the idea that she can just get out of her town – and off to college. At a graduation party, where she goes with her mother to pick up her brother – she runs into Kayden – a popular football guy she’s barely said two words too – in all four years of high school. He was on her father’s football team – and though she thinks he’s pretty  hot – she doesn’t have the strength to even talk to him. But when something happens at the party – she’s a witness to something horrific – a secret that Kayden has been covering up since he was a child – they seem to have an unspoken bond. But it isn’t until they run into each other – attending the same college that their relationship starts to evolve from stranger – to friend – to something A LOT more.

He’s slowly easing her out of her shell – and she’s finally opening up and admitting to the horrible things that happened to her – at the hands of a family friend that she’s afraid her family will believe over her. Callie and Kayden confess their deepest secrets – secrets they’ve covered up with lies all of these years – but are finally able to share with one another and they’re hopeful they can start to heal…. or so it seems.

This was one of those books that left me a blubbering mess – blowing my nose over and over – especially the last half of the book. And then leaving us with one of the most gut wrenching cliff hanger’s ever – the author picked up by a publisher had to push back the release date of the sequel so we were left almost a year? Maybe more before we found out what the hell happened??? IT WAS AGONIZING! I got the Redemption of Callie and Kayden on my Kindle yesterday morning, and had a hard time working – as my Kindle just taunted me in my purse. Stayed up WAY too late last night reading – so much that a four shot white mocha from Starbucks didn’t even help me wake up. I’m more than half asleep while writing this. But you have to – HAVE to read The Coincidence – and then on to Redemption. They’re are less then five bucks and you will NOT regret it!