5+++ REVIEW: Fat Girl Walking; Sex, Food, Love and Being Comfortable in Your Skin… EVERY INCH OF IT by Brittany Gibbons



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~ Synopsis ~

Dear person holding Fat Girl Walking

First of all, thanks for picking up this copy of my first book. I hope you buy it—and not just because each purchase gets me one step closer to buying the leather pants of my dreams.

I hope you buy Fat Girl Walking because I want to start a conversation. Or continue a conversation, one I inadvertently started a while ago when I took my clothes off on a stage in front of 700 people. A lot of people thought I was awesome for doing that. A lot of others thought a size 18 woman had absolutely no business showing off her body. Unfortunately for them, I’ve made it my personal mission on my blog, in social media, on television, and now in this amazing book you’re holding, to destroy the ridiculous myth that every woman who is overweight hates her body and herself. I, Brittany Gibbons, and the Curvy Girls I speak to every day on the internet, beg to differ. We love our bodies. We love fashion. We are in loving relationships, having lots of sex. We aren’t just a fetish, we’re normal women. Sure, sometimes we doubt ourselves, we’re not robots, but not anymore than EVERY OTHER WOMAN ON THE PLANET. See, Fat Girls aren’t freaks of nature. We’re just like you. Maybe we are you.

Fat Girl Walking is a collection of stories from my life, my thoughts about the issues that I have faced as a woman, wife, mom, daughter, daughter-in-law, and internet personality in regards to my weight. I have tried to be as honest as I possibly could—apologies in advance to my husband and parents, but hopefully any discomfort you feel is quickly replaced by laughter. The insecure texts to my husband and summer camp hijinks are hilarious if I do say so myself. And I also ask some tough questions, things like “What if my husband weighs less than I do?” and “Is my body hate ruining my daughter’s life?” Read Fat Girl Walking and let’s start having these conversations. No pressure, but we may just save all of womankind.



Christmas came – and went. Leaving me with an ever growing pile of books from my husband. God bless him, he knows me well. When I unwrapped this gem? I squealed – literally squealed and clutched it to my chest. I’ve followed Brittany’s blog for a long time – her sense of humor and cut throat approach of expressing herself has always stuck with me. But reading this memoir was…. well it was like reading my own personal journals from middle school through college.

Growing up fat is something no one likes to talk about, but plenty of us have gone through it. The bullying, the depression, the self hatred ….. the anger. I’m 37 years old and still refer to those girls/boys that taunted me in the 7th grade as my nemeses. Something just don’t go away.

They carved a spot in my soul that will probably remain there until my dying day. Because no matter how many times my husband tells me I’m beautiful, or friends compliment me, I’ll always believe the negative before the positive.

Reading this book drudged up a lot of those memories – Brittany’s humor and honesty about her life made me fall for her all over again. Some strong similarities in our lives, our families, the self hatred that takes a toll on your psyche….. I wanted to hug the 12 year old her and high five the woman she is today. We’ve all been there in some way or another….. anything that’s different about us as individuals i’m sure has been thrown in our faces in a negative way at some point in our lives. It doesn’t have to be about size. We were all tortured in some way shape or form. Seventh grade is what makes or breaks you. For me? It broke me. Hard.

Sometimes I like to refer to Jr. High as if it were a war I survived, and the issues I have now that stem from it are just PTSD – my body still bares the self inflicted scars and my memories of that time in my life are at times unbearable to remember – even now, 20+ years later when I run into someone that was cruel to me in my formative years, I have a hard time not thinking about punching them in the face – or lightly running them over with my car. It’s something that will probably always be there, like the scar on my knuckles from breaking that bitches braces in the 6th grade, after she called me a fat cow while playing tether ball. The day of in school suspension I suffered for the act, and the pride I felt walking out of the nurses station with super glue over my cut knuckles. I wear that scar like a badge – and tell the story often when I’ve had too much to drink, much to my friends chagrin. I earned it.

Brittany has balls of steel and not just because she loves herself and tries to promote you do feel the same way about your body – but because she has the courage to put herself out there period. She could be talking about anything, but she puts herself out there 100% and encourages others to do it as well – and what’s not to love about that? She’s unapologetic about the things she’s been through – as she should be. We all go through ups and downs in our lives, reading her story I didn’t pity her – I laughed with her and felt for the first time, in a long time, someone fucking gets it.


About the Author, Brittany Gibbons

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Instagram

Brittany Gibbons is the author of the blog Brittany, Herself, a body image advocate, model, author, TED Speaker, media personality, internet catalyst, curve flaunter, comedian, adult summer camp owner, fashion hoarder, and eater of the cold Chinese take-out in the fridge.

Her halarious memoir, Fat Girl Walking, is a New York Times Best Seller. You can order it here! (via the author’s website)


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