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I’ve been remade four times in my life.

It’s a distinct feeling. Impossible to mistake. The very marked sensation of being unraveled and reknit into a new thing, a new person. It can be good or bad, helpful or harmful, but above all, it is unstoppable.

I was remade when my parents died, went from a happy childhood, into navigating a very dark world, with endless responsibilities, surrounded by enemies, and despairingly alone.

It happened again at the hands of a cowardly predator. I’d become angrier with that one, more cynical, and it undoubtedly turned me into the kinky f**k I was today.

The third happened swiftly. One day I looked up into a pair of pale blue eyes and saw the other half of my soul. Checkmate. I went from a completely controlled existence, a life where I made every decision with cold calculation, to a man overcome with feelings and emotions that were foreign but some how wonderful.

And all too soon after that cataclysmic change was this fourth one, this one where I begged a God I’d never entertained to spare the life of a woman that I could not live without.

(Following all of the characters from the Up in the Air universe in the years after the trilogy, with POV’s from James, Stephan, Frankie, Tristan and Akira.)



Oh, Mr. Cavendish….. how I missed you.

This review is soooooooooo over-due, good god! (I’m a bad blogger).

This book has been carted around on my Kindle forever! I read it back in July, I think I’ve been waiting to read it for so long because I knew once it was over? That would be it – no more Mr. Cavendish, no more Bianca, no more Stephan…. and I wasn’t sure I was ready for that. Because this series has been one of my absolute favorites since I dove head-first into the land of smut! It was one of the first trilogies I read after 50 Shades and I fell head-over-heels for James Cavendish, more than I did for Christian Grey!

So when the trilogy ended – I was heart-broken, even though R.K. Lilley gave us a beautiful ending – it was still sad to think that I wouldn’t be able to experience anything else with James & Bianca. So when she announced Mr. Beautiful was coming out – I was ridiculously happy!!

Getting a little inside information on how James dealt with everything that happened through the Up in the Air Series was really interesting – throw in the added bonus of Stephan’s POV not only with his relationship with Bianca, but also Javier. And we get to delve a little deeper to see just how painful his childhood was – growing up, knowing he was gay in a very religious household.

There are a lot of emotions running high through out this book – reminding me of things I’d forgotten from the series – as James tries to come to terms with what happened to Bianca and her father – and now, that they’re finally together – and she is his, in every.single.way. How is their relationship going to evolve from what they were to husband and wife?

This book weaves through a large span of time – both in the past and far into the future giving us more than a glimpse of James & Bianca’s happily ever after. It was brutal at times – beautiful in others and above all else? Hot.As.Fuck.

Fans of the series will not be disappointed!

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About the Author, R.K. Lilley

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R.K. Lilley has been a writer since she can remember, but has held down some interesting jobs to pay the bills. For several years she was a first glass flight attendant, and she always swore that she just had to write a book about it. Mixing her love of romance and all things BDSM, the Up in the Air Trilogy is her debut into the world of contemporary romance and erotica. You can contact R.K. at

R.K. also writes urban fantasy under the pseudonym: Rebecca K. Lilley. (via the author’s website)


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