5+++REVIEW: The Redhead Plays Her Hand (Redhead #3) by, Alice Clayton


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~ Synopsis ~

The third sexy novel in USA TODAY bestselling author Alice Clayton’s playful and erotic Redhead series continues the sizzling romance between actress Grace Sheridan and Hollywood’s hottest leading man Jack Hamilton.

Grace has landed the lead in a new TV series—but when the director asks her to lose fifteen pounds, she goes public with her weight struggles and suddenly develops a huge fan club who support her right to have curves. But between that and the public’s continuing fascination with her “are they or aren’t they” relationship with Jack, Grace begins to wonder if anyone’s really interested in her because of her upcoming TV series, or if it’s all speculation about the size of her ass and her bedroom partner.

Meanwhile, Jack is voted the Sexiest Man Alive and becomes a little too enamored with the party-hard lifestyle. Grace vows to give him the space he needs to find himself, but then he begins to spiral down from lovable Brit to Hollywood brat. People are talking, but are Jack and Grace? Her career is on the rise, and his continues into the stratosphere, but will she be able to catch him if he falls? Will they ever be able to just be a couple who can hold hands when they walk down the street?



I’ve been carrying this book around since it’s release date back in December of 2013, not wanting to read it – because IT CAN”T END DAMNIT!
What happens when I binge read this book – and that’s it? THAT”S IT! No more Jack – no more sexy scientist guy, no more Grace? This cannot happen, so I’ve been carrying it around on my Kindle for over a year – it winks at me every now and then when I’m browsing through the ever growing pile of books in my Kindle and I swipe my finger away as quick as I can because… no.

I wasn’t ready.

I’m still not. This is the hardest review I’ve ever had to write – because that means the books been read and there is no more….. excuse me while I go scream and beg Clayton for more.

Call me over dramatic but the love I have for this author is indescribable.

The stories she tells – the characters she’s created, the humor – my god, THE HUMOR that radiates through every single one of her stories is what I live for – LIVE FOR! She is the kind of author that made me want to start this blog in the first place damnit, but now…. NOW I have to write this fucking review because I binge read it – finally, it winked at me from my glowing Paperwhite – almost teasing me, and when I slid my finger across it’s name and the first page sprung to life – there was no going back. There was no sleep because I was hooked from the get go – picking up right where we left off, Grace is in the midst of getting ready to shoot her new TV series and Jack is still out being a massive movie star and hating it affecting their personal life.

Because doing that job – being who he is – comes with a price. Grace is just getting a taste of it herself as her new TV series starts a buzz through the internets. She’s no longer the unidentified redhead, she’s now the “IS SHE? ARE THEY OR AREN’T THEY part of a Hollywood couple, the paparazzi out in full force hoping for a juicy story to sell.

And now Grace is feeling the added pressure of her own career when they want her to loose fifteen pounds for her role. Fifteen fucking pounds – the girl has already worked her ass off and is comfortable in her own skin, but when Hollywood calls – she does what she must. The added pressure of the internet world hating on her hand over foot as Jacks admirers rally against her doesn’t make anything easier. It’s hard to feel good about yourself in a world that thrives on tearing everyone down. But Grace handles it like everything else, with  humor and cajones.

But Jack …. oh Mr. Sexy Scientist Brit is out on the town – feeling his age, and living the Hollywood life with his new co-star, Hollywood’s notorious bad boy Adam. When Grace starts to get a feeling that his partying ways are starting to affect him – their relationship and his career she tries steer him in a better direction, trying to help him without ‘mothering’ him. After all he’s in this twenties, filthy rich and feeling the side of stardom for the first time – she gets it, but when things start to get out of hand, our beloved Brit shows a side of himself that no one recognizes – things seem to be falling apart just as her career is taking off.

There is a whole side to this story, Grace dealing with the Hollywood ideas of what a woman should look like, and finding herself in the middle of a media shit storm – half of the world calling her fat, the other half rejoicing because a woman of a normal size is finally being featured on a TV show in the lead – she’s only a size eight for god sakes, I wouldn’t even call that plus size, but Alice Clayton brings up a very huge story line in how this all affects Grace and how woman in the media – Hollywood and throughout the world are given a double standard of what people consider beautiful.

it’s not enough that Grace is comfortable in her own skin – the girl enjoys a meal; I know, THE HORROR!

But it opens up a very important question about body image – size – and self acceptance, one that I think Clayton dove into beautifully and made me root for Grace through the entire story.

I’m sad that the story is over – I’m sad I’ll never read any more of Grace and Jack – that their shenanigans seem to be over, but that their story was wrapped up beautifully – more than I could have ever wanted. Anyone who is a fan of Alice Clayton knows that her books are chalked full of humor – with a little 90’s flair, and I relish the moments when she makes a joke so well written that I clutch my kindle to my chest and mentally give this author a high five – because she gets it – she just fucking gets it.



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