REVIEW: Shame on Him (Fool Me Once #3) by Tara Sivec


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~ Synopsis ~

For Lorelei Warner, being perfect isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be. She did what her straitlaced parents wanted: became a lawyer, married her college boyfriend. But since her husband ran off with another man and her career became a nonstop bore-fest, Lorelei has turned to her best friends and Fool Me Once Investigations to find fulfillment and adventure.

When a routine subpoena-delivery turns up a dead body, Lorelei knows that solving the murder is exactly what she needs to boost her confidence…until private investigator Dallas Osborne walks in and takes over the case. Dallas has always rubbed Lorelei the wrong way. It’s aggravating enough that he’s a pompous ass, but he’s also entirely too good-looking.

If she wants to catch the killer, Lorelei will need to loosen up and defy her parents—not to mention the law. And she’ll need to partner with Dallas, working closer (much closer) to the sexy investigator than she ever expected.

Join the feisty Fool Me Once ladies for another fun-loving romp from bestselling author Tara Sivec.


The ending to this series was bitter sweet – I adore these woman, their stories and triumphs. Tara Sivec is by far the funniest author I’ve ever read. Her Chocoholic’s series is one thing, but her Fool Me Once series? Good Lord – I can’t get enough of these girls.

The things they get themselves into – the men in their lives…. and Lorelei Warner was no exception. Lorelei …. poor girl, after her husband leave her for another man, she collaborates with her two best friends to start up Fool Me Once Investigations. She’s a strong minded – independent lawyer, but when Dallas Osborne walks in, taking over one of her cases – her anger and lust is palpable. These two couldn’t hate each other more – he’s arrogant, and Lorelei can barely stand to be in the same room as him. But as her investigation continues, dangers popping up around every corner Dallas is committed to keeping her safe – and out of his way.

Lorelei is still in the very delicate situation – trying to be the proper woman, lawyer her parents want her to be, struggling with the fact her husband off happily in a new relationship with the man he left her for, add her parents constant criticisms about working as a private investigator – Lorelei is desperate for some excitement – to ditch the fancy suits and get dirty in her work.

Add Dallas to the mix and you’ve got some pretty palpable chemistry. These two hard headed PI’s are going to have to set their ego’s asside to solve this mystery – but add in their chemistry and things seriously start to steam up for this once bored lawyer.

If you haven’t read any of Tara Sivec’s Fool Me Once Series – you’re missing out!

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