Love N Vegas Author Event 2014~!


Love N Books – 61 Authors – 8 Models, pretty much any romance readers wet dream right?

I bought tickets to this as soon as they went on sale, Vegas isn’t that big of a trip for me – I’m in Oregon it’s only a 2hr flight and luckily for me one of my best friends lives there –

Burses by Ammy.

So over the course of five months I bought paperbacks, found material and had her build the most beautiful collection of Burses I’ve ever seen her create


They couldn’t have turned out any better – she let me pick my favorite authors and the eight above turned out beautifully. We gave them to the author’s at the signing and everyone loved them!

I’ve been to a few signings in the past, one in Seattle and another in Portland – but nothing this massive. Yes the lines were long but we got to know the women surrounding us, fellow bloggers and smut lovers and it was a really great experience. I made another Shutterfly autograph book, and all thought I barely got half of the author’s there to sign it, it was definitely worth the trip.

Alice Clayton

Alice Clayton


Probably the main reason I wanted to attend is this woman – I will forever read every word she writes.

You can check out my reviews here:

Wallbanger (Cocktail Series Book #1)

Rusty Nailed (Cocktail Series Book #2)

Screwdrivered (Cocktail Series Book #3)

The Unidentified Red Head

The Red Head Revealed

And she was just as amazing in person!


Christina Lauren

Christina Lauren


Seriously – I couldn’t love these two more! And it was really nice to finally meet someone who understands my love for these characters. These books have made me laugh, even shed a tear or two.

You can read my reviews here:

The Beautiful Bastard Series

Beautiful Bastard & Beautiful Bitch

Beautiful Stranger

Beautiful Bombshell

Beautiful Player

Beautiful Beginnings

The Wild Seasons Series

Sweet Filthy Boy


Raine Miller

Raine Miller


So sweet – all the authors were so amazing and after such a long day of signing – everyone, especially Raine Miller was amazing!


R.K. Lilley

RK Lilley


The Up in the Air series was one of the first series I read after 50 Shades, and it BLEW me away.

Mr. Cavendish kind of knocked Christian off of his pedestal for me 😉

You can read my series review here:

Up in the Air Series Review


She was even rocking her Burse at the after party!


Jodi Ellen Malpas

Jodi Ellen Malpas


I felt for this poor girl all day – I didn’t see her get a break once. There were ticketed lines and we suffered through for over an hour to meet her – sweet as can be!


And….. well this happened…


I won’t lie – I had a mild heart attack at the thought of Brandyn Farrell AND Pepe Toth there. Sure, Stu Reardon & Jase Dean were there, but these two boys are on the covers of some of my most favorite books, and Brandyn Farrell will forever be my Ridge from

Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover

Brandon Farrell

Pepe Toth

And a ton more of favorites!

Sylvia Day

Sylvia Day

Katie Ashley

Katie Ashley

CJ Roberts

CJ Roberts

JS Cooper

JS Cooper

JM Darhower

JM Darhower

Jay Crownover

Jay Crownover

All in all it was an amazing event – a little overwhelming for me, I’d never been to anything this big before – but definitely something I won’t ever forget.


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