Favorite Fall Releases! – What are you most looking forward to?

I’m going through my goodreads – cleaning up actually, because so many books I’d been looking forward too have already come out – and then I’m looking through my upcoming releases and there are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Many coming at us this fall.

Here are just a few I’m on pins and needles waiting for!

Resolution of Callie & Kayden2d4f3-addtogoodreads

OUT SEPTEMBER 30th 2014!

Book 6 in Jessica Sorensen’s The Coincidence Series – and my favorite out of the series.


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~ Synopsis ~

Things are going good for Callie and Kayden. They’re still dealing with their past and the pain connected to it, but for the most part they’ve moved on. The biggest decision they have at the moment is what they want to do with their lives in the future.

Eventually, though, the past catches up with them and it leaves them with a choice no one wants to make. But Callie and Kayden learn that as long as they have each other, they can make it through just about anything. And in the end, they discover what they really want out of life.

You can read my review of Book 1 – the Coincidence of Callie & Kayden….. HERE

and Book 2 – The Redemption of Callie & Kayden …… HERE



OUT OCTOBER 14th 2014!

Book 2 in CD Reiss’s Songs of Corrption Series – I’m in a tizzy over what’s going to happen next between Capo & Theresa Drazen!


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~ Synopsis ~

What happens when a mob capo falls for a lawful woman?

Does he ruin her, or does she ruin him?

Do they live together, or die together?

This is Antonio Spinelli’s story.

WARNING: This book contains delicious sex scenes with a hot man dirty-talking in Italian; women handling firearms and explosives; and scenes of violence with a crystal virgin Mary cigarette lighter.

You can read my review of Book 1 – Spin ……. HERE



OUT OCTOBER 14th 2014!

A new book by 2 of my absolute favorite authors – Christina Lauren … .or Christina Hobbs & Lauren Billings…. authors of The Beautiful Bastard Series – and The Wild Seasons Series.


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~ Synopsis ~

True love may mean certain death in a ghostly affair of risk and passion from New York Times bestselling duo Christina Lauren, authors of Beautiful Bastard. Tahereh Mafi, New York Times bestselling author of Shatter Me calls Sublime “a beautiful, haunting read”.

When Lucy walks out of a frozen forest, wearing only a silk dress and sandals, she isn’t sure how she got there. But when she sees Colin, she knows for sure that she’s here for him.

Colin has never been captivated by a girl the way he is by Lucy. With each passing day their lives intertwine, and even as Lucy begins to remember more of her life—and her death—neither of them is willing to give up what they have, no matter how impossible it is. And when Colin finds a way to physically be with Lucy, taking himself to the brink of death where his reality and Lucy’s overlap, the joy of being together for those brief stolen moments drowns out everything in the outside world. But some lines weren’t meant to be crossed…

You can read my reviews on their other books …. links below

Beautiful Bastard

Beautiful Stranger

Beautiful Bombshell

Beautiful Player

Beautiful Beginnings

Sweet Filthy Boy



OUT – OCTOBER 15th 2014!

Anyone who is a fan of R.K. Lilley’s Up in the Air series has been anxiously awaiting more of Mr. Beautiful – James Cavendish…. and now we’re FINALLY getting it.


iTunes  – MORE TO COME

~ Synopsis ~

From R.K. Lilley’s blog: Mr. Beautiful will be a male point-of-view novel for the Up in the Air series that tells the story of James, and Stephan, and their unwavering love of a woman that would make the two men family. Follow all of the characters from the Up in the Air universe in the years after the trilogy, with POVs from James, Stephan, Frankie, Tristan, and Akira.

You can read my Full – Up in the Air Series review ………. HERE


night owl 2goodreads

OUT – OCTOBER 28th 2014!

M. Pierces’s highly anticipated sequel to Night Owl – It feels like I’ve been waiting FOREVER for this to come out – and I know I’ll devour it as fast as I did the first one.


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~ Synopsis ~

Matt Sky is missing. After a solo ascent of Longs Peak that left only a large blood stain, tatters of climbing clothing, and the tracks of an animal in the snow, he is presumed dead …

Hannah Catalano is guarding a secret …

Tensions rise, secrets grow bigger, and passions run deeper in the highly anticipated second book in the Night Owl Trilogy.

You can read my review of Book 1 – Night Owl ….. HERE


dirty rowdy thinggoodreads

OUT – NOVEMBER 4th 2014!

Christina Lauren’s 2nd book in their Wild Seasons Series – we get to dive into Harlow and Finn and hopefully we’ll have a little Mia & Ansel along the way.


Amazon * B&N * KOBO * iTunes

~ Synopsis ~

Despite their rowdy hookups, Harlow and Finn don’t even like each other…which would explain why their marriage lasted only twelve hours. He needs to be in charge and takes whatever he wants. She lives by the Want-something-done? Do-it-yourself mantra. Maybe she’s too similar to the rugged fisherman—or just what he needs.

You can read my review on Book 1 – Sweet Filthy Boy ….. HERE


poughkeepsie 3goodreads

OUT – NOVEMBER 22nd 2014!

Debra Anastasia’s third and final book in her Poughkeepsie Brotherhood Series – I’m not sure I’m ready to say goodbye to Beckett, Cole …. and of course Blake… 

but I can’t wait to get my hands on this!


~ Synopsis ~

Beckett Taylor’s quest to be a better man has brought Eve Hartt back into his life, but sometimes it feels like they’re bound together with barbed wire. Though he longs to love her without causing pain, the wreckage of their past continues to crash down around them.

Yet with the help of this brothers—and for his brothers—Beckett won’t stop trying. He’s determined to make them all a family, to make a life they want to live, and to make Poughkeepsie a place that’s safe to live it.

He can feel their futures balanced precariously on his shoulders: Blake and Livia and their children, Cole and Kyle and the new baby they’ve just brought home, and Eve…always Eve. He wants their dreams to be real. But murderers don’t just get Happily Ever After handed to them. They have to wrench it away from Satan himself.

Good thing Beckett is prepared to do just that. After all, saving Poughkeepsie is the only way his story ends.

Prepare your heart and your head for a wild ride in this final installment of the Poughkeepsie Brotherhood series. Debra Anastasia does not disappoint as she weaves the last chapter of a story that blends true love, turbulent emotions, and life’s harsh realities into an uplifting tale that calls to the good in each of us.

You can read my review of Book 1 – Poughkeepsie ……… HERE

and my review on Book 2 – Return to Poughkeepsie …….. HERE



OUT – DECEMBER 2nd 2014!

Last – But not at all least, Alice Clayton’s Mai Tai’d Up – and it’s fitting as Book 3 in her Cocktail Series went live today – and even though I haven’t started it yet – I’m sure I’m going to love it as I love all of her books. Book 4 focuses on Lucas and Chloe – but I’m still hoping Clive the cat makes a cameo.


Amazon * B&N * KOBO * iTunes

~ Synopsis ~

Looking for the perfect mix of smart, sexy, and sassy? Mai Tai’d Up continues USA TODAY bestselling author Alice Clayton’s Cocktail series, which began with Wallbanger and continued with Rusty Nailed and Screwdrivered.

Eligible bachelor Lucas Campbell is very available, but very picky. A veterinarian in Monterey, California, his life is perfect: he works, he sails, he loves the ocean and the mountains—so why rock the boat? Then Miss Chloe Patterson comes along.

Chloe has the body of a supermodel, the mouth of a sailor, and the fashion sense of teenage guy in 1990s Seattle. A former Miss California, she walked away from a cushy life, bought an old ranch outside Monterey, and turned it into Our Gang, a sanctuary for rescued and abandoned pit bulls. A woman who’s clearly not afraid of dog poop, she enjoys rehabilitating her “warrior angels.”

Local gossip reports that she ditched her fiancé the night before their wedding (true), and that she moved up north to start a new life (also true). She didn’t want to be tied down (true), but she wouldn’t mind being tied up—especially by that hot vet she’s seen around town a few times (true, true, and have-you-seen-his-butt?-true).

But is Chloe ready to date again? And is Lucas ready to take on not only Chloe, but forty pit bulls? One moonlit sail, two bottles of wine, and a few sailor knots might just do the trick.

You can read my review of Book 1 – Wallbanger….. HERE

and Book 2 – Rusty Nailed ……….. HERE

Well, these are just a few of what i’m looking forward too this fall – What about you guys?


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