Why I’ve been MIA…

So for anyone that keeps up with this blog and actually reads my reviews? THANK YOU! I’m sorry I haven’t been around much lately other than my cover reveals and release days, but I’ve been working on something pretty exciting.

I haven’t had the courage to really announce that I’m actually writing a book… YES! I’m writing a book. A story that has been with me for the last ten years – maybe even longer. I’ve slowly worked on it throughout the years when I just had to get stuff down on paper but lately the story has been shaping up into something I never thought imaginable.

My husband comes home to find me in my writing room crying at my own words and though he laughs at me, it’s still encouraging. It’s a story that is pretty personal and yet completely fictionalized. But as I get deeper into it I realize this is something I want to share. There is a story here that I hope people will laugh with – cry at and fall in love with.

So my reading has been off – this time last year I’d already read 50+ books and now I’ve barely cracked 24. But I find myself stuck in my own story more than any other. I’m hoping this is a good sign. 🙂

Even saying yes – I’m writing my own book is HUGE for me because it means something is really happening and it’s something I want to share. I’m hoping to have it finished this summer and ready for edits – cross your fingers for me. This is years in the making and a HUGE undertaking that I never really thought would ever happen.

But as the publishing world has evolved the industry has made a real world for indie authors, and hopefully by the end of the year I’ll be able to join the ranks with my fellow beloved indie authors and add to my resume – Published Author.

Thanks for following my blog – reading my random musing about stories that make me laugh – cry – and turn me on.

You guys are amazing!

Jaime – Curious Kindle Reader


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