Maybe Someday Release Party & Griffin Peterson Concert – Portland Oregon!

So a few months ago, Colleen Hoover posts on her blog – tour dates for her upcoming release of Maybe Someday. I usually check these out, in the hopes that she’s coming to Seattle again – which even at the 4.5 hour drive – I’m so going!

But what do I see? A release party AND concert with Griffin Peterson himself!

In my beloved Portland-Fucking-Oregon!

Without pause I grabbed two of these for me and my friend JoDee – who I drag with me to all things book related.

(I apologize for the fuzzy iPhone photos)


It’s a couple months down the road and I’m trying not to think about it because I’ll just drive myself crazy with impatience.

But about two weeks before Maybe Someday is released I get an email from Netgalley saying its available and DUH – I jump on that ASAP and request it. The next day I’m jumping up and down like an idiot as it download on my Kindle. I’m running around the house like I won the lottery and my husband is just shaking his head at me. “Let me guess, you got that lady’s book?” I glare at him, and run outside to my reading nook. It’s 8:30 at night. I don’t make it back inside the house till around 3am. You can read my ARC Review….. here.

The day after I posted my review – it’s a Saturday and I’m at my office working some OT. My iPhone starts blowing up – it’s vibrating non-stop and I’m starting to think its having a seizure. When I see I’ve got 90 emails, and 90 comments on my blog post I’m flabbergasted. I’m pretty excited, even though my blog gets it’s fair share of traffic in the past seven months I’ve been doing it – I’ve NEVER gotten that many comments on a review before.

I go on Facebook and immediately my blog’s Facebook page is swamped with likes and I’m just floored wondering what’s going on. Then I see Colleen Hoover has linked my blog on her Facebook page and is doing her Book A Day Giveaway from comments on my blog post about Maybe Someday.

I’m sitting at my desk – dumbstruck. Colleen Hoover read my blog. Colleen Hoover read my blog. Colleen Hoover.Read.My.BLOG!!!!

I’m calling my husband and talking too fast for him to understand me. He goes to my blog and see’s I’ve got over 150 comments and he starts shouting holy shit! I work for a local Sheriff’s Office and I’m walking around in a daze, the deputies all asking me what the hell is going on and all I can tell them is Colleen Hoover reads my blog! They all laugh at me like I’m crazy and go back to fighting crime as I fangirl-the-shit out of this for the entire weekend.

So THANK YOU Colleen, you made this girls year!

The review didn’t even give the book justice. I wrote and re-wrote that review at least 40 different times, not wanting to spoil ANYTHING before the release day. Even now, knowing its been out for a week and already has 508 reviews on Amazon alone I’m still leery to spoil anything in it.

Just know this story will bring you to tears and have you laughing out loud – stuck in the worlds best book-hangover ever. It’s been three weeks since I first read it – then re-read it – then re-read it again. Not to mention  I’ve listened to the audiobook at least three times. It’s a story that will not leave you anytime soon. Griffin Peterson and Colleen Hoover have done something really special here with the soundtrack. Ridge is a singer song writer – with his band Sounds of Cedar and the story between Ridge & Sydney writing music together? Having Griffin actually create the music is something I’ve never experienced with a book before. It’s amazing to read the story and hit the part where a song comes in – and to go to your iPod or whatever you listen to music on – and hear Griffin bring that to life? You experience the book on a whole new level. I’ve been on a Maybe Someday loop for weeks!

Ridge & Sydney….. Ridge & Maggie…. a triangle smothered in loyality and temptation – bonds between friends and lovers are bending, almost breaking. Colleen is the master of goosebumps – in every story I’ve read of hers there are always parts I can feel the start in my finger tips and work all the way up my arm, to the back of my neck – with just words written on a page. You don’t just read her books – you FEEL them. The stories jump from the pages and when you start telling someone about her books – you refer to her characters as real people. Because inside your head, and your heart they are. Ridge, Sydney, Maggie and Warren are more than names on a page – they have feelings and drama and humor and they make you want to be there at Ridge’s apartment drinking Pine-Sol, in the middle of some ridiculous prank to get back at Warren and Ridge – and to sit out on the balcony and listen to Ridge play his guitar. With the soundtrack from Griffin – it makes the story feel that much more real.

So! On with the show!

After a few drinks at our hotel, JoDee and I were too busy talking about books that we lost track of time and were late getting to the Embassy Suites. Luckily the line was wrapped around the second floor and we weren’t the last to show.


Thank GOD for JoDee or I’d just have to talk to myself about books.



Walking In

In the signing area – Griffin & Colleen

(Again – with the fuzzy pics. I blame my shaky hand, phone and the drinks I consumed before hand)


We went through the line, each getting a copy of Maybe Someday with our tickets. I bought a copy of Finding Cinderella because I REALLY wanted to read the extended epilogue. (I just read it – and it was SOOOOOOOOOOOO good) Honestly, it’s a pretty amazing thing that Atria Books published it on paperback all because COHO’s banded together – begged – pleaded – meme’d the shit out of them on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/Email – until they gave us what we wanted! – So a HUGE THANK YOU to Artria Books for being absolutely cool and listening to their readers.

And now, after reading the epilogue on my lunch break – it was everything I had hoped and dreaded it would be. Only because it really sucks going back to your office, sitting at your desk and having everyone ask what’s wrong because your eyes are red rimmed and puffy from a big blubbering Hoover cry-fest.

But it was totally worth it.

The concert was streamed online – and I know these photos and videos won’t do it justice, but it was pretty amazing watching Griffin and the band live.

Getting ready for the show to start!

Concert 1

Concert 4

Concert 7

Griffin Peterson’s Maybe Someday Soundtrack is Available on Amazon & iTunes

These videos do not do the show justice  at all, but they’re here for your entertainment anyway.

A Little Bit More

Hold on to You

It’s You

Living  a Lie

I’m in Trouble

Maybe Someday

Griffin ended the show with Maybe Someday and I’m not gonna lie – I got choked up when he sang the most perfect of lines ever written for a song – or book.

“For her I bend, for you I break.”

And as you can tell, everyone knew all the words by heart.

After the show there was a raffle giveaway – and I was the first winner picked! (I NEVER win anything!)

I got a another paperback copy of Finding Cinderella – woot woot!

There was a Q&A with Griffin & Colleen


JoDee was dying to know how Colleen mastered her big Texas hair – but unfortunately she said it was just hereditary.

After the Q&A the band, Griffin and Colleen were all out in the signing area taking photos and giving autographs –

(again with the fuzzy photos arg!)

Jodee & Colleen

I was fan-girled embarrassed to get my photo taken. I had one of JoDee with Rebecca Donovan too – but damnit! It’s gone – (Sorry Jodes)

After the show, we went and found our significant others and had a few drinks, bummed around downtown – and eventually made our way back to the Embassy Suites to pick up our car.

It’s after midnight, late and I’m a little drunk. We’re making our way through the lobby to leave and who do I see walk in?

But Rebecca Donovan and John from Griffin’s band

photo 3

(the slightly-inebriated guy with the glasses is my husband, or better known as the Karl)

I saw her, and I said that’s Rebecca Donovan and my husband is trying to get me to talk to her – and I’m too red faced embarrassed by now to do it. But of course, he throws out his British drunken charm and kinda yells at her EXCUSE ME are you Rebecca Donovan? My wife loves your books! I felt like the drunk girl in the first Sex and the City movie interviewing to be Carrie Bradshaw’s PA.

“I love your books, your shit is brilliant.” and Carrie just looks at her, realizing she’s drunk at her interview.

go to 35 seconds in and you’ll understand …

So we’re still loitering around the lobby and Karl see’s Colleen and Luke, another guy from the band taking down banners on the second floor. He asked me if that was Colleen Hoover and of course, he goes over there and yells at her too EXCUSE ME, Are you Colleen Hoooooooooover? (imagine a drunken British Accent – He’s from Wales)  It was endearing and embarrassing and completely reminded me why I married him.

photo 5

He was also upset that Colleen had to take down her own banners – he felt she should have had some help, and he would have volunteered but I was dragging him out of the lobby before he got arrested and deported.

But of course, he yells I love you Colleen and you too Rebecca! As we’re leaving out the front lobby….

It was quite the night – and an experience I won’t soon forget.



And not a one got the whole banner!


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