5 Star REVIEW: The Arrangement 14 by, HM Ward

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Sean Ferro is a liar. Everything he’s ever told me melts away until only the truth remains and I don’t like what I see. Gabe tried to warn me, but I didn’t understand the depths of Sean’s corruption until he let them take me away. After everything we’ve been through, I’m crushed, but I refuse to accept this fate. Screw that, I’m not dying tonight.

Hoooooly hell batman! If you haven’t read any of HM Wards The Arrangement Series – DO NOT read any further.

We all know Sean is seriously fucked – and a liar, and controlling, and devious…. and that Avery can’t help but love him regardless of it all. But this time? I was ready for her to kick him in the ass for the last time and send him packing. There is ONLY so much a girl can take before she snaps…. and now we all know how far Sean is willing to push a girl. And I am afraid for Avery. I’ve always thought deep down Sean was a good guy, but after reading this? I’m REALLY not so sure anymore. There are answers to questions I didn’t even KNOW I had…. and a whole lot of.. ohhhhhhhhh THAT all makes sense FINALLY!! But of course, HM Ward leaves us with a whole lotta head shaking and an ending that leaves you as always, wanting to throw your kindle yelling COME ON!!!! WTF!!!!! Which, of course – is Holly’s devious writing that keeps us coming back for more.


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