COVER REVEAL & EXCERPT: Behind Closed Doors, by Tamara Lee

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RELEASE DATE: February 28th 2014!


Kyla Quinn was taught long ago that life is a series of choices. After the ultimate betrayal, she makes a choice that will see her old life become nothing but a distant memory. When she takes a leap of faith, she finds herself on the set of a reality TV show. And while music clears her head and soothes her soul, for the length of one song, she can pretend to be someone else.

Living a life intended for the rich, famous and undeniably beautiful, Kyla becomes wrapped up in a man who is already taken.

As a tug-of-war begins between head and heart, the choice she makes now will alter her existence and define her future.

Can a relationship built on lies really survive in a world where the public is watching your every move?

*Behind Closed Doors is a standalone novel intended for readers aged 18+ Contains sexual content and strong language*

About the Author: Tamara Lee


Follow her on Goodreads * Twitter * Instagram – miss_tamara_lee

Tamara is an Australian who lives in China with her Brazilian husband. Yes, it’s an odd mix, which often leads to her speaking three different languages in the same sentence. Her love for reading began at an early age and was soon followed by a desire to write. Tamara is inspired by rainy weather; has an intense love for chocolate and a serious addiction to coffee.

You can find her at the local Starbucks, busily writing the stories that won’t sit still in her head, while consuming excessive amounts of caffeine.




‘What, Kyla?’ he questioned. ‘What are you doing here?’

I couldn’t excuse his ignorance. I picked up a cushion from the sofa and threw it at his head. He caught it before it hit his face and I saw the ghost of a smile touch his lips. It was gone almost instantly.

‘What happened out there tonight?’ My voice was low this time and much calmer, but he still didn’t respond.

‘How can you act that way after our perfect weekend together?’

Again, silence. ‘Are you mad at me?’

I noticed that he’d changed clothes since the show had ended. He was wearing his grey tracksuit pants with a black tee. It was my most favorite look on him, possibly because I was one of the only people to see him in that way. I almost forgot I was angry with him as he sat before me.

‘You’re right,’ he broke the silence. ‘The weekend was perfect. I thought we had something. Yet, here you are just a few days later, on stage with Marc’s hands all over you. And you just let him violate you like that… as if you’re his!’

‘You cannot be serious,’ I said, resting my face in my hands as I sat on the sofa across from him.

‘We were performing!’ I bit back. ‘Surely, you of all people, can understand that.’

He quickly put the focus back on Marc and I.

‘You know he is obsessed with you and you act that way with him. No wonder he hasn’t given up on you, with all these mixed signals you’re sending. Who knows how you act once you get back to the house.’

He threw the cushion back at me and I let it hit my shoulder, before it fell to the floor.

‘I don’t like him in that way.’ I stated simply.

‘Well, I don’t think he got that memo, Kyla, because he looks at you in this way…’ he stopped talking and raked his fingers through his hair.

‘What way?’

I waited for his reply, my heart still thumping loudly in my chest.

‘In a way that only your boyfriend should be looking at you.’

I felt the blood drain from my face as I considered his words.

‘I don’t have a boyfriend,’ I whispered.

‘Well he acts like he is your boyfriend, and to be honest, Kyla, it pisses me off!’

I shifted my gaze, focusing on anything other than his face. ‘I’m not yours.’

‘I know.’ He drew in a deep breath.

‘The fact that he thinks he can touch you in that way, Kyla,’ he paused, rubbing his eyes with the palms of his hands. ‘It means…. it means he hasn’t given up on you.’

He needed to understand that I didn’t have feelings for Marc, but even if I did, it was out of his control.

‘I’m not having this conversation again.’ The words were leaving my mouth before I could stop them. ‘You don’t get to be jealous.’

I opened the door to leave, not caring if anyone was in the hallway to see me coming out of his dressing room. I turned back to look at him.

My voice was low and quivering when I let him know the real reason I was walking away. ‘You’re married.’

I silently closed the door behind me just before the first tear fell.


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