REVIEW: The Arrangement 13 by, HM Ward

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RELEASES TODAY!!! February 3rd 2014!

Synopsis: Dark. Sexy. Epic. ‘I can’t lose her.’ Those are the words that haunt me, the phrase that repeats in an endless loop in my mind. Images from my past collide with the present until I can no longer tell them apart. I try to hold onto what’s real–hold onto her–Avery, but death is looming and it seems that no matter what I do, I can’t save her.

Get a glimpse into Sean Ferro’s mind in this volume. The first two chapters are told from his point-of-view.


FINALLY we get some chapters from Sean Ferro’s POV – and they were excellent! This series is already into it’s 13th installment and I love them all. I’ve never been one to get hooked on a serial series until I was introduced to HM Ward’s Ferro Boys. Now I’m hooked on them all!

But in this installment we’re trying to figure out what is going on – after 12 we know Avery saw someone in the woods as she and Sean were going at it – and something is about to happen – something BAD…and if course HM Ward leaves us desperate at the end – as always. We pick up right were she left off and there is sooooo much going on – and so many unanswered questions. This one is crazy suspenseful and of course – hot. There are scenes between Avery and Sean that ….well yeah – what you’d expect of HM Ward and more.

The ending left me yelling at my kindle and stomping around the house – but I’m used to that by now with this series. I CAN’T WAIT for 14 to come out!

Check out HM Ward’s Arrangement series here

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