REVIEW: Big Girls Do It Series, by Jasinda Wilder

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4 star Series – funny, sexy and some serious hot-as-fuck moments throughout. Anna is a DJ, loves her food and yes, the way she looks. There’s a thick chick in the driver’s seat, and I’ll admit, this is what first attracted me to the series. I’m a bigger girl, and seeing a lot of myself in Anna just from the synopsis was enough to make me by the first four books right away.

Anna works with Jeff as a DJ, this is where she meets Chase; sex on a stick rock star that lives in leather pants. Anna and Chase spontaneously com-bust! When things seem to be falling apart, Anna finds comfort with Jeff – finding something in him she hadn’t noticed before. He’s not just her co-worker, friend …. this could be the beginning of something more.

The series takes you through the ups and downs of Anna’s relationships with both Chase and Jeff – and makes you wonder which is good for her. The bad boy rockstar that makes her feel amazing? Or Jeff, who although makes her feel good too – is more safe than the rocker?

The fork in the road – bad boy or boy-next-door…. decisions, decisions.

And Wilder leaves you wanting more and more and more….

Check out the series!

Book 1: Big Girls Do it Better FREE On Amazon

Book 2: Big Girls Do it Wetter $.99 on Amazon

Book 3: Big Girls Do it Wilder

Book 4: Big Girls Do it on Top

Book 5: Big Girls Do it Married

Book 5.5: Big Girls Do it on Christmas FREE on Amazon

Book 6: Big Girls Do it Pregnant

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