5 Star REVIEW: Poughkeepsie, by Debra Anastasia

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Synopsis: He counts her smiles every day and night at the train station. And morning and evening, the beautiful commuter acknowledges him—just like she does everyone else on the platform. But Blake Hartt is not like the others . . . he’s homeless. Memories of a broken childhood have robbed him of peace and twisted delusions into his soul. He stays secluded from the sun, sure the world would run from him in the harsh light of day. Each day, Livia McHugh smiles politely and acknowledges her fellow commuters as she waits for the train to the city. She dismisses this kindness as nothing special, just like her. She’s the same as a million other girls—certainly no one to be cherished. But special or not, she smiles every day, never imagining that someone would rely on the simple gesture as if it were air to breathe. When the moment comes that Livia must do more than smile, without hesitation she steps into the fray to defend the homeless man. And she’s surprised to discover an inexplicable connection with her new friend. After danger subsides, their smiles become conversation. Their words usher in a friendship, which awakens something in each of them. But it’s not long before their bond must prove its strength. Entanglements from the past challenge both their love and their lives. Blake’s heart beats for Livia’s, even if her hands have to keep its rhythm. Love is patient. Love is kind. Love never fails. Love never fails, right? In an interwoven tale of unlikely loves and relationships forged by fire, Debra Anastasia takes readers into the darkest corners of human existence, only to show them the radiant power of pure adoration and true sacrifice. Complicated families and confused souls find their way to light in this novel, which manages to be racy, profane, funny, and reverent all at once.


Wow – where to even begin…. again, this was one of my MANY Black Friday buys, and it’s been on my to-read list for ages. Everything I had read about this book made me leery, it sounded strange… she’s falling in love with a homeless guy…. ok….. I’ve read stranger books, but I didn’t grab me at first. True, the sale grabbed me – $.99 is ok to blow on something I may or may not like.

Holy shit – was I sooooooooooooooo wrong. This book can be best summed up here: Sad – Hot – Scary – Suspenseful – Loving – Faith-breathing – Depraving – Cruel  and Hopeful.

Some of the book my eyes bugged out of my head and my mouth lay agape as I tried to figure out what was going to happen next. I was about half way through it when I just nosedived into the last half staying up until almost 3 am to finish it. I was trying to push it off because I was afraid of what was going to happen next. There is a lot of action going on in this story. Not just with Blake and Livia, but with his 2 brothers.

There are so many stories going on at once here – and you get a little insight throughout the book of how they’re intertwined…. but it’s not muddled, and you won’t get lost. Because Debra Anastasia is a really gifted writer and how she illustrates her story is really beautiful. She makes you care for her characters as if they were real people. I was blubbering like an idiot for last 20% of the book. Ugly snot filled tears. And it usually takes quite a bit to push me over that edge.

Luckily, I waited to read this book so I’m all set up for Book 2 – I can’t wait to see what happens next!


*Favorite Quotes *

“You make the rest of the beautiful things in the world cry for even trying at all. You make it hard for me to breathe.”

“He moved to her earlobe and breathed, “First, I will blow, then I will lick, last I will bite.” Blake took his time blowing an elaborate pattern on her stomach, and Livia was pretty sure he’d spelled the word torture.”

“Blake took her face in his hands. “You let me touch you. Kiss you. Your skin? It feels like piano keys. My hands know just where to go.”

“Holy fucking dogs! You scared the uterus out of me!”

“Beckett’s probably the hardest man there is to love,” Blake said. “He does life wrong for all the right reasons.”

“Simple shit makes this chick crap bubbles and rainbows”

“Livia, you make the rest of the beautiful things in the world cry for even trying at all.”

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