4 STAR REVIEW: Folding Hearts (Mitchell Family 2) by, Jennifer Foor

Book 2Add to Goodreads4 outta 5 stars!

Book 2 in Jennifer Foor’s Mitchell Family Series

*MAY CONTAIN SPOILER’S if you haven’t read Book 1: Letting Go, beware, this review may contain spoilers!*

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Blurb: Colt and Savanna are starting their future together, but Ty is left with no girlfriend, no scholarship, no driver’s license, and no hope for happiness. The only thing that brings a smile to his face is Miranda’s little girl Bella, that he helped bring into the world……. but they live in another state.
Ty and Miranda have become good friends and their long distance friendship keeps things platonic between them. When Miranda and Bella have to go stay at Ty’s family farm in another state, it is only a matter of time before the chemistry between them explodes. Check out this hot follow up to Letting Go!


I’m not going to lie… Ty was FAR from my favorite character after book one. I wanted to punch him in the face, even when he was in a coma – the jerk! So starting this book I wasn’t sure what my reaction would be, because part of me didn’t think he deserved any happiness after what he put Savanna through. BUT – as always, Jennifer brings in a whole different story and side to Ty that will leave you hating him a little less. Miranda, Colt’s cousin comes to stay with Ty and his family on the farm to get away from things back home… she brings Bella and the three of them become fast friends. Ty and Miranda have been talking online and texting for a while now… and Ty is completely smitten with her baby daughter Bella. You see a new side to Ty that’s well, pretty sweet. But when Miranda comes to live with them for a while, things start to heat up between the two…

But can Ty change is ways? Everyone is leery about Ty and Miranda starting up anything – they are too close…. and everyone knowing Ty’s past is sure he’ll screw it up some how. Especially with Bella in the mix, he can’t just play around with a single mom. But things change… Ty starts to grow into the man he was always meant to be and Jennifer leaves us not hating him so much and hoping for the best with these two…. the scene’s with he and Bella are beyond heart warming, and you see him slowly growing … as a man, as a possible father figure for Bella. It’s both sad and beautiful. And instead of hating Ty, you feel for him and hope that things can work out for all three of them.

Check out Jennifer Foor’s Mitchell Family Series!


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