5 STAR REVIEW: Night Owl, by M. Pierce

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Author M. Pierce

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Blurb: Love is unstoppable…At twenty-eight, Matt Sky has the perfect life. He has a beautiful girlfriend, a massive inheritance, and four national bestsellers — all penned under his airtight alias, M. Pierce. At twenty-seven, Hannah Catalano has a train wreck. Her boyfriend is a deadbeat and her job is abysmal. Matt and Hannah meet online as writing partners. Their relationship is safe, anonymous, and innocent…Until Matt sees a picture of Hannah. Hannah’s picture sparks an attraction Matt is powerless to ignore. When circumstance brings Matt and Hannah together, the strangers begin a love story that’s passionate, poignant, unforgettable, and unstoppable.


I don’t care what anyone says, this is who I pictured throughout the entire book. God love Mr. Tom Hiddleston, and even if she was described with darker hair, I don’t care – Amanda kept popping up in my head when he described her … especially the curves.

Night Owl

This book was one of my many black Friday buys, it had been getting a lot of buzz on Goodreads. It’s been in my forever growing TO READ list since the day after Thanksgiving. As I’m trying to plow through my 50+ book list, because I’ve made a promise to myself, and my debit card that I will not – and I repeat, NOT one-click anything until EVERYTHING in my Kindle is read. And there are some pretty phenomenal books out there i’m dying to 1-click right after another. But …. I digress.

I started Night Owl last night around 9:30pm and what a HUGE mistake! I was up until almost 1am, having to be to work at 8am… and working where I work (law enforcement office) Christmas Eve is ALWAYS a busy day for us. I was dragging ass this morning – not even a quad shot white mocha from Starbucks could kick me out of my book hangover… arg! And of course, my mind is still reeling from where I left off about 57% through the book.

Matt, where do I even begin? He is an ASS! And I’m not talking smart ass, confident, cocky even – he’s just plain fucking rude – and it’s hot as hell. He has absolutely no filter what so ever and has no problem telling people what their place is – when to shut up – and how things are going to happen if and when they want to be in his life. He’s a writer – a NYT Best Seller to boot! He writes under a pen-name and is borderline paranoid about his anonymity. He meet’s Hanna online, a girl living in Seattle with her boyfriend – and they start a writing relationship, sharing a story back and forth. They work – just work. Matt makes it perfectly clear he doesn’t want to know anything personal about Hanna and the relationship is strictly about writing. Matt has a girlfriend, whom he lives with – they’ve been together for two years and it’s serious. But one day, when Hanna emails him accidentally from her personal gmail account – Matt is freaked. He see’s her full name and of course troll’s around the internet looking at her Google+ profile and it’s there when he first lays eyes on her photo – reeking havoc on all his rules and erection.

After sending her berating emails about how stupid she was and that she is violating all the rules he has set into place for them to work together – things start to progress. They start opening up to each other more, to which Hanna divulges she’s leaving her boyfriend in Seattle and making the trek home, back to Colorado. The same state Matt is in. And as luck would have it? They live close to one another.

Things escalate quickly, and quite abruptly. Matt, again has no filter when he’s done with Hanna he simply hangs up on her, logs off or doesn’t speak to anymore. It’s quite cruel, but there’s something about his need for her that is sexy as hell. He is seriously borderline obsessed at certain points, and it makes it that more intense. The relationship is odd – and one sided because he’s so desperate for her NOT to find out who he really is. Yet, he’s cheating on his girlfriend the entire time and not telling Hanna anything remotely personal about him – even though they have been truly inmate.

There is something incredibly sexy about Matt, and the how he is with Hanna. She is strong, .even if she allows him to take the reigns in the bedroom. She loves herself – through his eyes. He makes her see how beautiful she is and that the world is full of possibilities. But …… there’s always a but.

Night Owl is hot-as-fuck, sad, engaging, entertaining – and yes very funny. Matt made me laugh out loud more than once throughout the book. The shit that just flies out of his mouth – well it reminds me a lot of my self.

The relationship these to have is interesting, entertaining and some of the sexiest stuff I’ve read in a while, and that’s saying a lot considering my READ list this year. There was just something so …. familiar to me. And maybe it’s my past sneaking around in the back of my imagination…. who knows. But check it out, it’s only $.99! The 2nd book in the series is due out the summer of 2014!

*Favorite Quotes*

Hanna to Matt: “I think our call got dropped. Or you awkwarded out and hung up. It’s late anyway. 😉 Goodnight. Good morning. And thanks.”

“But there’s no such thing as loneliness. There is only the idea of loneliness.”

Matt: “Hold your fucking horses,” I muttered God, fuck… was this seriously my life? Stalking a girl I’d met online, parked outside her house at midnight, speaking to my dick?”

Hanna: “Matt had his back to the house and his hands braced against a black Lexus. Holy fuck. This was textbook sketchy. Black car, strange man, middle of the night. Maybe I was about to be abducted. Maybe I was about to become one of those news stories that makes people say, “I feel bad for the girl, but she was asking for trouble.”

Hanna & Matt: “Will you do me a favor Matt?” “Anything.” “This is easy. Just repeat after me. ‘It was nice talking to you Hanna. I’ll see you tomorrow. Goodnight.’ ” I gave her an incredulous look. :Don’t give me that look. I’m trying to teach you this mysterious skill, one that you seem to lack. It’s called how to say goodbye.” I smiled and rubbed the back of my neck. “What are you grinning at?” she said. “I never want to,” I said. “What? Never want to what?” “I never want to learn how to say goodbye.” I closed Skype and then closed my eyes, laughing into the silence of my apartment.

“Again and again we went there together – tumbling over the raw edge, touching the live wire, collapsing, exploding, dissolving like dead stars.”

Matt: “Perfect. This place was perfect. I stepped into the chick pen. “Hey guys.” I crouched and reached for the chicks. They swarmed away from me, making me laugh. “You little jerks. You’re all fat. You’re all going to be ugly in about a month, all scrawny and gray. Come here.”

Hanna: “I was going to him because I loved him and because love is unstoppable.”

Hanna: “Always, Matt, always speaking to me from any mouth but your own,. Don’t you know that I love you? I see you under all your lies, and I always find you.”

“Nothing lasts forever, and nothing ever ends.”

Matt: “Sad things seem truest to me.”


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