TOP BOOKS 2013!!

Ok – so this year has been busy for me (as everyone else.) I set a Goodreads goal of 100 books this year and passed it in September. I’m on book 143 right now Night Owl, by M. Pierce and LOOOOOVING it!

I_Love_Books_by_tudeinSo this is my year in review – and my top 10 favorites of 2013. This list could be REALLY long, but I need a cut off somewhere right?

10: The In Flight Series, by R.K. Lilley

UP-IN-THE-AIR-FULL2-smallerMr. James Cavendish & Bianca were one of the hottest couples I was introduced to earlier in the year. I had heard all the raves about it on Goodreads, but when I sunk my teeth into this series? I finally knew what EVERYONE meant. Holy hot-as-fuck! James is controlling, rich, with a twisted kink hidden underneath. Bianca, a flight attendant is hiding from her past that slowly starts creeping up on them. The series has a bit of mystery and suspense which I enjoyed, but the sex-scenes sometimes were over the top hot and wanting more and more and more. And although the series had a good ending – I could still go for more of Mr. Cavendish. Luckily, we’re getting a POV from both James & Stephen in 2014!

9: The Love me with Lies Series, by Tarryn FisherLMWLOk, I’ll be the first to admit I was a little slow on the uptake with this series. It was on many of my friend’s favorites list, but after reading the blurb on the Opportunist, I just wasn’t interested. But it was on sale for $.99 so I got it – had to see what all the fuss was about. THEN I realized WHAT all the fuss was about – holy hell! This was one of THE most bizarre premises for a series I’d ever read. But as the series develops, it got even more strange. The secrets, lies and drama of it all was mind-boggling. I’ve never hated a character more than Leah – and I wasn’t going to read Dirty Red because of that, but of course I did – because Thief was coming out soon. And I’m glad I did, because there was so much more to it than just Leah. Even though I really hated her even more after it… it was necessary to dive into Thief. And even though the ending of the series to me was a bit depressing. It was real.

8: Songs of Submission Series, by C.D. ReissSOS Wow – I don’t know where to begin with this series. Monica & Jonathan have some serious heat. She’s a haunted singer, he’s a millionaire who can’t get over the divorce of his wife. He has a predilection for kinky sex, and feels bad for it. He hasn’t come full front and grasped his wants and needs. But when he lays eyes on Monica – all bets are off. Things are complicated – and the series takes us through the ups and downs these two share as they try to bring their lives together to live the way the want.

7: The Arrangement Series, by H.M. Wardarrangement-bmpThis year I got sucked into H.M. Ward’s serial series The Arrangement. And I was hooked from book 1 when Avery meets Sean in the strangest way – chasing after the man who stole her car. Sean is haunted, and a little dangerous. Avery finds herself engulfed into high-dollar prostitution and meeting with Sean along the way is sure to complicate things. Sean is hiding secrets, and isn’t over the death of his wife and child. Who most of the USA believes he murdered. These are the WORST cliffhangers EVER! But HM Ward keeps us coming back for more – every few months.

6: Collide & Pulse, by Gail McHugh

imagesThis books will leave you reeling! The most irritating yet loving triangles I’ve read this year. Gavin Blake is gorgeous – rich – and head over heals in love with Emily Cooper. The only problem? Emily is with Dillon – whom has been at her side through the death of her mother, and moving her to NYC to be closer to him. Emily is on her own – sharing an apartment with her best friend and trying to find a teaching position in her new city. When she meets Gavin, a friend of her boyfriend Dillon’s things start getting complicated REALLY fast. There is an undeniable pull between them – some innocent and sweet, others hot and heavy. There is an unattractive side to Dillon that slowly starts to creep out – he’s controlling, his temper getting the better of him and Emily is drifting away from him. But as things start to fall apart – in comes Gavin which both helps her – yet complicates things even more. Secrets are kept and lies are told leaving us, the readers DYING to know what’s going to happen next with these two. I couldn’t name one book without the other in this list. They may as well be one amazing book for me..

5: The Dark Duet Series, by C.J. Roberts

image19I was leery about this series, but it had gotten so many rave reviews on Goodreads, I thought what the hell. It’s dark – and I mean REALLY dark. Olivia Ruiz aka Kitten is kidnapped, sold into sexual slavery. Her capture, Caleb was brought into this life, almost from birth. Sold and used himself, he has one thing left in his mind – revenge against those who abused him. He was drawn to Olivia when she was standing alone at the bus stop – waiting to go to school when a man approached her. He stopped what he thought could be a bad situation – Olivia is attracted to him, but what she doesn’t realize is Caleb is only stopping this man – so he can do the exact same thing to her, even worse. He protects her and even though we’re supposed to hate him – he did kidnap her and bring her into the situation, you can tell the tables are turning as he is around her more… that doesn’t stop the stories from being absolutely brutal and sometimes a little hard to stomach. We’re brought through the stories in book 1 and 2, and then in Epilogue, a shorter novella from Caleb’s POV that really answers a lot of questions and starts to chip away at all the anger you might of had towards him. This series is NOT for the faint of heart. There is real brutality involved… but underneath it all is a very complicated story of two people who find themselves in each other.

4: Flat Out Love & Flat Out Matt, by Jessica Park

flatI can’t not even tell you how much I loved these two books. Flat out Love is a full telling story, Flat out Matt is a short companion novel from Matt’s POV. Julie has just moved to Boston for college, when she discovers the apartment she rented (and prepaid for) on Craig’s List was a scam – and really, a Mexican restaurant. Her mother calls in a favor from her old college roommate. Matt Watkins comes to her rescue and brings her home where she’s introduced to the family. Mom, Dad and sister Celesete and Flat Finn; a life sized cardboard cut out of Finn, the other brother. It’s obvious that there are some things that are off with the family, but Julie fits right in and starts interacting with Finn as if he were really there. She finds the REAL Finn on Facebook and they start chatting back and forth. As things progress Julie is invited to stay with the Watkin’s family through the school year and help them watch out for Celeste – who is growing up, but some how has is stunted. She speaks proper English – and won’t leave the house with her Flat Finn. Julie keeps email Finn who is off traveling all over the world and as their messages progress, they both start falling for one another. All the while Julie is cultivating a friendship with Matt. The story is heart breaking – I cried more than I wanted to through this, but fell in LOOOOVE with Matt almost right away. There is so much going on behind the scenes, but Jessica Park writes so beautifully she doesn’t muddle the waters with unnecessary description – or drama. I can’t gush enough about my love for this story.

3: This Girl (Slammed 3), by Colleen Hoover15784909I can’t even express properly the LOOOOOOVE I have for everything Colleen Hoover writes. But Layken and Will? Peeeeerfection. And we were treated to This Girl – the third book in Colleen’s Slammed Series. We’ve picked up where Point of Retreat left off and Will and Layken are basking in all their honeymoon glory. Talking about the ups and downs throughout their relationship and we’re given Will’s POV on some of the more tragic and amazing moments throughout the series. Reading through this book allowed me to relieve Slammed and Point of Retreat all over again and answered question I didn’t even know I had. And that’s how Colleen rolls. God bless her!
They carved pumpkins, and ate basagna. We watched these two become parents to their younger brother’s and cultivate a long lasting relationship. I butterflying loved everything about it!

2: The Beautiful Bastard Series, by Christina Lauren

beautiful-bastard-series-600x400I started the series in March of this year, and I can’t believe it’s already over. 😦

I adore Courtney and Bennett – but there was just something about Max & Sara that seriously…. daaaaamn. I could NOT get enough of. Especially the audiobook – if you haven’t heard it? GET IT! Seriously – NOW! It’s amazing what that British accent coming to life does for the story.

I’d give every single one of these books 5+++ Stars. They’re funny, the banter between all of them is hilarious – the sex scenes are seriously HOT-AS-FUCK and then some. But there is real depth and issues throughout each of the couple. Some are trust, lies, pasts – and we get to watch these three couples go from strangers, enemies to lovers and spouses. I feel like I’ve been through the ringer with the six of them. But I’d read anything Christina and Lauren put out there. They’re funny, and all three women – Courtney, Sara and Hanna all have spines of steel and don’t a god damn thing from their men. They have them by the balls and I think the men rather well enjoy it.

1: Losing Hope, by Colleen Hoover

cvr9781476746562_9781476746562_lgYes, she’s getting two spots on my top 10. But the flawlessness of this book …. I will NEVER be able to completely describe. I adored Hopeless, I don’t know how many copies I bought for friends and family. It was the book i shoved down everyone’s throats last Christmas, and this year. But when Losing Hope came out? I wasn’t sure why it was necessary. I wondered what Hoover was doing with Holder’s POV on this. But of course, without question I’m going to get it. I received an ARC about a week before it was released and started it the second it popped up on my Kindle – I passed out around 3am that morning – waking up and calling in sick to work. YES, I played hooky so I could stay home and finish it in the comfort of my patio chair – copious amounts of coffee were drank and I chain smoked through the entire last half of the book. Even now – months since I’ve read it, tears creep up and I’m going to have to walk away and smoke real quick….

And I’m back. Reading Hopeless it was a HUGE smack in the face of WTF?!? I didn’t see anything like that coming – but reading Losing Hope, I figured we already knew everything that was going to happen. There wouldn’t be any surprises. Uh, I was sooooooo wrong. Reading what Holder went through finding his sister, and the fall out with his father. It was heartbreaking. I cried…. I ugly girl cried. Tissues – snot – like my dog had just died cried. And reading through everything, the back story of what Holder was going through, throughout the whole story just made me love him even more. He’s flawed, broken and trying to find a way to be with Hope, without … Sky. It…. it is just the most amazing story I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. And getting both sides of the story was an amazing gift Colleen gave us.

If I could add one more book, it would be Finding Cinderella. Because she really loves her fans enough to give them something for free – that I’m sure would have made her A LOT of money considering how many people have downloaded and read it. Because Six & Daniel are probably the two most hilarious character’s I’ve read all year. And it was the cherry on top from this series….. just perfection.

Well these were my favorites of the year and I can’t wait to see what these author’s come up with next year.

Merry Christmas and Happy Reading!

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