4 Star REVIEW: The Diary of Brad De Luca (Innocence 1.5), by Alessandra Torre

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A hot little novella to tide us over until the MUCH anticipated Masked Innocence (Due Out February 25th 2014!)

Check out Alessandra Torre’s Innocence Series!

Blurb: I was happy with my life. And who wouldn’t be? Beautiful women, money, a job that I could sleep through and still make bank. But I was bored. And I never could walk away from a challenge. This challenge turned out to be brunette. Feisty. Just the way I like them. But innocent. Too innocent for me. Too innocent to do anything other than sample and then toss back. Anything more would be too risky, too much work.I was unprepared for Julia Campbell. I should have done my homework, should have looked before jumping off that cliff. Ditching her proved to be problematic, my sexual needs greater than my common sense. She was different. She became more than a challenge. She may just bring my world crashing down.

This is a great book for anyone that enjoyed Blindfolded Innocence.

Brad is back, and this time we get a little insiders view of how he works. We know he doesn’t do monogamy – and when Julia enters his life all hell breaks loose. Because this young intern is making him want more than his typical sexual escapades – he wants to push her boundaries and is willing to try it on with her…. but on his own terms. Julia isn’t quite sure if she’s ready for her boundaries to be tested, but she’s REALLY interested in what Brad has to offer – so as the two break ground on what could be a veeeerrry interesting relationship in Blindfolded Innocence, we get more back story on Brad in The Diary of Brad De Luca. What makes him tick, what gets him off and why he’s so drawn to Julia.

It’s a great novella for anyone desperately waiting for Masked Innocence to come out in February. It revamped my anticipation and how much I loved these characters. I can’t wait to read more!

*Favorite Quote*

“He despised the words leaving his mouth, hating the way they made him feel. Exposed. Open. By a girl who didn’t weigh more than his cock. A girl who stared at him with eyes of fire, who pushed buttons he didn’t know he had, and had wormed her way inside a part of him that should be closed.”


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