REVIEW: Up To Me (The Bad Boys #2) By M. Leighton

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*CONTAINS SPOILERS* If you have NOT read the First Book: Down to You, beware, this may contain some spoilers from Book 1.

Blurb: M. Leighton’s Down to You was just the beginning. “Up to Me has even more shockers in store!” (
For Olivia, romantic bliss has never felt so right as it does with Cash. Unpredictable, except when it comes to satisfying her desires, Cash’s bad boy reputation is well-earned, but he’s turning his life around with the one woman who accepts him for who he is. Until strangers from the past turn Olivia and Cash’s world upside down. What they want is something only Cash can give them. And if he doesn’t deliver, then they’re taking the one thing that Cash values the most. Olivia always knew that in falling for Cash she was likely to get burned. But this new threat is beyond anything she imagined. Now she has to trust Cash with her life—and for Olivia that’s much easier than letting go, and trusting him with her heart.

After the smack in the face and one of the biggest plot twists I did NOT see coming in Book 1 – we pick up where we left off. Cash & Olivia are loving blissfully happy. Cash is determined to become the kind of guy Olivia deserves. Even though Olivia fell for him, bad boy ways and all – Cash has found his home – with Olivia. The two complete one another and accept each other for who they are, flaws and all.
Cash opens up to her about his father, about his past – and the reason he did the things he did throughout book 1. He’s still hell bent on finding out what happened to his family years ago in the hopes he can help get his father out of prison. But just as things seem to be settling down for these two? BAM!!!!

M. Leighton smacks us into a tailspin of mystery, suspense and WTF all wrapped up in some pretty hot action between these two. I read this book ages ago, desperate for it after the cliffhanger ending of Down to You. It wasn’t the the WORST cliffhanger, but M still left me wanting more and more and more. Because let’s face it, Cash & Nash are probably the hottest twins I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading about. And the scenes between them and Olivia? A-hem, made me blush ….. and that’s pretty hard to do now-a-days, since I’ve been come what I like to call a Smut Connoisseur. If that wasn’t bad enough, I’ve read both books 3 times and got the audiobooks to both so I can enjoy them on my iPhone 🙂

The stories are far from JUST smut, there are real feelings involved. I cared for these characters. I was frustrated with Olivia – I wanted to smack Cash when he was being annoying – and I wanted to melt in Nash’s arms when he wanted to be consoling. And always, wanting to slap Marissa in the face 😉

And that’s how you know a writer is doing what she loves – she makes you care about these characters, and talk about them like they’re real people. Which I do all the time. love-fictional-characters


*Favorite Quotes*

“If it was up to me, I’d make the world disappear and it would be just us. Just you and me.”

“You haven’t failed me. You’ve breathed so much life into my existence. Don’t ever be sorry for that.”

“I don’t hit women. Ever. But Marissa makes me wish that, for about ten seconds, I weighed a hundred pounds less and had tits. Not only is her interruption untimely, now shes’ going to screw up the rest of my night, too.”

“Happily ever after doesn’t come easy. But for love, it’s always worth the fight.”

“Somehow, while I wasn’t looking, I fell. And I fell hard.”

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One thought on “REVIEW: Up To Me (The Bad Boys #2) By M. Leighton

  1. Michelle says:

    This review is AWESOME, but my favorite part was that you’ve read these 3 times and have the audio. That says SO much and makes me SO giddy, I just don’t know what to say. Other than a huge THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUU!!! ❤️❤️❤️


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