Beautiful Beginnings – by Christina Lauren

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Blurb: Back when not being able to stand each other also meant not being able to keep their hands off each other in Beautiful Bastard, neither Bennett nor Chloe could have seen this day coming. An exasperated bride who just wants to elope. A determined groom whose only focus is getting to the wedding night. And—of course—a whole lot of name calling.

First off, I’m sad that the series is over and think the two author’s can COMPLETELY keep going *hint hint*. I want to know what happens with Max and Sara – You can’t leave is with Will and Hanna like THAT!! I can think of about 4 more books that would keep us going for a while longer. But when I read the author’s notes at the end that they were said to end the series – I tossed my kindle across my desk and ignored it like a child for 20 minutes. I’ve grown so attached to these characters – I’ve laughed with them – cried with them – got all hot and bothered by them – and then they leave us. Devastated.

But they wrapped it up in a perfect smart ass – bantering – angry ending that we couldn’t ask for more. They at least gave us that 😉

When the wedding is finally happening and they’ve survived their 350 long lost friends and family everything that happens on a wedding day does. Dresses wrinkled, pipes burst – shit goes BAD! And I had to laugh, because it completely reminded me of my wedding day.

Starts off a few weeks before that his parents and nephew aren’t going to be able to fly over from the UK – his mother luckily went to the doctor to have something checked that had been bothering her and it turned out she had a cyst in her stomach the size of a baseball – the surgeon tells her she could have died had it burst on the plane from the cabin pressure. Then we decide to get married not once, but twice. We have a small intimate ceremony at a friends house a few days prior to the big wedding – which was actually the best night and we should have stayed with that. I got married in a sun dress with no shoes on – he wore the classiest tuxedo t-shirt. We drank, ate and had a fabulous night. But the next few days would be taxing. I had a ton of friends coming into town – family from everywhere. Getting set up at the hall was a mess – and people who promised to help flaked at the last minute. Our rehearsal dinner was hamburgers and french fries – and there was barely enough room for entire wedding party to dine. Afterwards we drank more – and more – and more –

By the time the BIG day came I was up bright and early – showered and ready to get my nails/toes done with my bridesmaids. It took a little longer than anticipated – So i was late getting my hair done – and then….. the power goes out. The salon is on the same street as the hall we’re getting married in. Apparently a truck hit a major electrical transformer on the highway and the entire main street of Hermiston is in a black out – and it’s about to hit 98 degrees outside at 1pm. My hair is done – but I’m sweating like a pig it won’t matter the amount of hairspray I have in it – this shit is going to fall. I meet my bridesmaids at the hotel we’re getting ready at – I shimmy into my dress, slap some makeup on and head out to the hall. Only to realize I forgot my bouquet at the hotel – and the bridesmaids forgot theirs at my parents house. They drop me off at my parents house – and leave to go get my bouquet at the hotel. I’m locked out – and don’t have my keys because I’m in a my fucking wedding dress. My maid of honor is 2 seconds away from jumping through my bedroom window like we did in high school with my parents best friends pull up and LUCKILY they have a key. We make it to the hall and all the lights are out – no electricity in the whole building. Which means no air conditioning and no cooler/freezer to keep our food from spoiling. AND no music I just paid a DJ 400 dollars to play.
One of my best friends tells me she’s already sent her husband home (one of our groomsmen) to get a generator to hook up for the DJ. GOD BLESS THEM! So we’re waiting around for the everyone to show up – people start filtering in – we’re beyond the point of caring that it’s bad luck to see the bride before – c’mon we’re ALREADY MARRIED! We’re outside smoking/drinking and sweating in the parking lot and god bless my husband he’s swirling a hand held fan around me all the while telling me how beautiful I look in my dress lol.

After that, the electricty kicked on half way through the ceremony – but it was pointless it was 100+ degrees upstairs and was never going to cool down in time to be comfortable. But we made it happen – we had fun and everyone still tells me it was one of the funnest wedding’s they’ve ever been too. Right down to my glowing star lanterns and Nightmare Before Christmas mad hatter cake.

All bad things always make for better stories anyways right?


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