DAY 16. – Most thought-provoking book.

Ok, seriously, I’m rubbish at this 30 day challenge, I’m pretty sure I’ve fallen into the 45+ day Challenge. But I’ve been in a reading slump… swamped with work…. bad news here and there… and frankly, I hadn’t touched my Kindle in about a week (this is HUGE for me.) Just the other night I polished off 2 small books in 2 hours, and then started on The Edge of Never that just came out. I thought Beautiful Player would have gotten me out of my slump, and even though I really enjoyed it, not even Christina Lauren could bring me back from the brink. Hopefully Edge of Never will kick me back in..

Most thought provoking book as of late? Hmmm…. I’m going to have to go with My Darling Killer

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Basically… I’m going to blame my ill-tempered adolescence and my fascination with literature surrounded by bohemian drug users. I was always a fan of Burroughs, not so much Kerouac, but above all else, I felt like Ginsberg was my favorite. So when a friend on Facebook posted this:

I of course had to find what this story was all about. Though, I’d heard the name Lucien Carr before… I had no idea he was so involved in the original brat pack of beats …. well throw in a murder who-done-it and I’m hooked.

The novel is short…… really short, I think I finished it in less than 30 minutes. But it was informative and made me remember why I was so drawn to these writer’s at a young age. They were unleashing something new and exciting and something that is lacking in everything now. Nothing is new anymore -something is always reminiscent of something else… There is no originality left in creativity. Because someone can always draw it back to something in their past …


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