DAY 13. – A book that disappointed you.

Well, life has been insanely busy, and then a came down with the plague …. I know, excuses, excuses…. but this 30 Day Challenge is ending up more like the 45 day…. or more..

I’m not one to bash an author, or their work (unless it’s plagiarized.) I’m a firm believer in freedom of speech – good/bad/ugly – that’s why we have the First Amendment. We may not appreciate all that is out there – but it’s too slippery a slope to forbid anyone from putting what they feel out there. It is our right …. even if sometimes you want to punch people in the faces for spewing their hate.

ANYWAYS….. So a book that dissappointed me? Honestly? I do NOT understand the hype surrounding the series…. Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay. I’m not even going to put any links to this – because frankly, he’s a best selling author – and doesn’t really need the publicity.

But what’s even MORE surprising? That Showtime could take that series of books and turn it into the most AMAZING TV Series ever!! (well, I could have done without the last 2 seasons, but hey – I love me some Michael C. Hall.)

The books are rushed – they never seemed well thought out to me – there is a premise of a serial killer we love – we root for because he’s killing other bad guys. But there’s something about the books that makes me forget that we’re supposed to be rooting for Dexter, and honestly? I don’t like the guy….. But you see what they did with him in the TV series and it worked. You root for him! You want him to get away with everything and save the day, like a knife welding superman!

The books just didn’t do it for me – I read up to book 4 and couldn’t take anymore…. I just couldn’t…. So I still don’t know what happened, or if they were close to the Showtime series…

But, that’s just my opinion. Apparently millions of people disagree with me 🙂



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