DAY 11. – Favorite classic book.

This one all depends on what you consider a classic…. are we talking Wuthering Heights, or Pride and Prejudice? What defines a classic? Age? Notoriety? The book being banned?

Classics to me, in no particular order:

The Basketball Diaries

The Bell Jar

Catcher in the Rye

Perks of being a Wallflower

The Neverending Story

American Psycho

These novels all come up as my all time favorites – I’ve re-read them over and over… they’re truely classics to me. But if we’re talking “True” Classic works?

The Count of Monte Cristo would have to be my favorite. It’s the old school tale of love – betrayal – death – longing…. and the good guy comes out on top at the end.

7126Add to GoodreadsI read this in the 8th grade and thought I would never finish it – it was VERY thick, and probably going over my head for the most part at 13 years old. If it didn’t involve a hot guy, or a love triangle? I wasn’t interested – which is a shame, because this book holds all the true concepts of literature. Revenge, Long Lost Loves, Betrayel and everything else a classic novel brings to the table. When Edmond is banished to prison for a crime he didn’t commit – it’s with his neighbor in a nearby cell that brings him from his haze of depression and hallucination – and gives him a reason to fight for his life: Escape.

What helps Edmond push forward is nothing but hate and revenge for those who put him in prison. His best friend – whom he’s known since he was a child – and his rich influential friends. Edmond had a secret – without even knowing it and was sent away to hide for a crime, he didn’t even know he’d committed. He trusted the wrong man – kept a promise, and was sent to spend the rest of his days in a stone cell. All the while, missing his love – a woman whom he planned to marry, but who now was in the arms of his best friend – the man who betrayed him. It’s all very depressing, and of course we see Edmond rise above it all and gain back all that was taken from him.

It’s an old story, a true classic – and one I’ve always treasured.




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