Less than 5 bucks Friday! 10/4

5 buck friday

This week I’m going to give you some info on one of the best series of Smut I’ve read in awhile – CD Reiss’s – Songs of Submission Series has had me hooked for the last week. Now I’m stuck at work and irritated I’m at a half way point in Book 5 and all I want to do is ignore everything around me and finish this – and the last two books of the series!

Jonathan is your typical millionaire hot-as-fuck, minor control freak. He has a propensity for some kink in the bedroom. Monica – she’s a singer/waitress trying to make her dreams come true in LA – signing in bars, with her best friend accompanying on the piano. When Jonathan firsts see’s Monica – sparks fly, but when he hears her sing? He’s done for – he’s got issues from his past, his ex-wife, and Monica has a bad habit of letting her relationships take over her life – not allowing her to be creative or focus on her own goals. So these two smash into each others lives and we get to watch them with anticipation as they forge through – trying to find some sort of semblance of a relationship without either of them getting hurt – or scared. I’d give 1-5 so far either 4 or 5 stars. This is a serial series – average length is an hour, maybe two on your e-reader of choice… but you can also purchase Books 1-3 as a longer novel in itself. Either way, do yourself a favor and check it out – Book 1 is free on amazon right now! Click pics for links!

Blurbs – may contain spoilers..


Book 1 – Beg


Add to GoodreadsBlurb: My name is Monica. I’m a singer born and raised in Los Angeles.
I’ve stopped dating. When I cut a record, or win a Grammy, maybe then I’ll be with someone, but every man in my past has done everything he could to make me submit myself to him, and it’s gotten in the way of my career. I won’t do it again.

But there’s Jonathan. He owns the high-rise hotel where I work, and he is gorgeous and charming. I refuse to fall in love with him, even though when he asks me to submit to him, I want nothing more.


Book 2 – Tease

$2.99 on Amazon

Add to GoodreadsBlurb: When Jonathan was gone I couldn’t stop thinking about him, and the first thing he did when he got back was demand more of me. I’m willing to give him my orgasms and my time, but I find myself giving up pieces of my heart.

My career is on track, and even though I can’t write a thing, I can sing. So I’ll go to the art opening with him, because his ex wife will be there. I feel this need to protect him from hurt, though in bed, his domination brings me to my knees.This man is going to break me into a million little pieces.

Submit - 3Book 3 – Submit

$3.99 on Amazon

Add to GoodreadsBlurb: “You’re mine. The minute I told you to spread your legs and you did it, you were mine. When I told you to beg for it and you did, you were mine. When you put your hands behind your back without being told, I owned you.”

No. God, no.

My name is Monica, and no matter what Jonathan says, I am not submissive.

Control - 4Book 4 – Control


Add to GoodreadsBlurb: What you’re breaking isn’t some little, meaningless coupling. We aren’t some casual fuck, and we never were. Not from the first night. Not from the first time I laid eyes on you. You were built for me. I denied it as long as I could, but we were meant to be together. You are the sea under my sky. We’re bound at the horizon.

Burn - 5Book 5 – Burn

$2.99 on Amazon!

Add to GoodreadsBlurb: Here’s how it’s going to be, Goddess.

Until you surrender yourself to me fully, I will not touch you.

Until the world can know you belong to me, I will not kiss you.

I’m going to be inches away, at your side. I’m going to whisper in your ear and put my breath on your neck, but the heat of my skin will not feel the shudder of yours until you commit yourself to me completely and without reservation.

Resist - 6Book 6 – Resist

$3.99 on Amazon!

Add to GoodreadsBlurb: The story of Jonathan Drazen and Monica Faulkner continues.

And it’s time Monica stepped up to the plate.

I looked down at him, with his tourmaline eyes and copper hair and believed him despite my better judgment. Then I forgave him despite my misgivings. I loved him just because I did. My heart wasn’t sensible or guarded enough. Not by a sight.

I was a walking raw nerve ending of emotion, as if the years I’d spent away from men and sex had made me more emotional, more vulnerable, more foolish than before. I ran my fingers through his hair, feeling like the victim of a crime of consent.

Sing - 7Release Date: Monday, October 7th!

Add to GoodreadsThe final installment in the Sons of Submission Series – Book 7: Sing


This is the last book in the series.

Take my hand, my love.
On sinews of air we tread
Aught but distance our guide
With no tempo to our gait
No endpoint drawn
Neither plot nor plan
By the thorns of a compass rose
We bound toward the horizon


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