DAY 5. – Your “comfort” book.

This is tough – I’m a sucker for audiobooks. And I have a habit of buying books I’ve already read and loved. Then I listen to them over and over until I can pretty much recite them by heart. There are a few that have been repeated more than 5 times. I can’t pick just one – there are too many to choose.

Gabriel’s Inferno, by Sylvain Reynard


The narrator, John Morgan? His voice is as smooth as velvet. This novel is ridiculously romantic – and the first time I read it I rolled my eyes at certain parts, but then realized – no this is what a romance novel is supposed to be. Lost – Found – Love – Lust and everything in between. He worships Julia, and as readers? We all worship him. And it’s a fairly SFW audiobook I can let run on my desk without the fear of a lot of swearing, over the top sex etc.

Losing Hope, by Colleen Hoover


This novel is the epitome of perfection. Flawless in every way. If you are a fan of the first book, Hopeless – then you already know the story. The heartbreaking – hilarious – and shocking story of Sky and Holder. Losing Hope was everything you loved about Hopeless, yet told from Holder’s POV. And not just his POV – but his experience with everything from losing his sister, to meeting Sky. It’s beautiful, tragic and without a doubt one of the best books I’ve read in my whole life. Hoover has an amazing talent for turning me into a blubbering mess that can’t talk about anything else but her last book I just read, for at least 2 weeks after…

Beautiful Stranger, by Christina Lauren


The 2nd book in their Beautiful Bastard Series – these two hilarious authors introduce us to Max Stella – and re-introduce Sara Dillon. While still staying within where we ended with Beautiful Bastard. I love a series that focuses on different characters as their own stand alone novels – while keeping within the same theme. You get to find out what’s happening with the old – and fall in love with the new. I LOVED Bennett and Chloe, but Max and Sara just blew me away. Not only is he a British hunk? But with the audiobook, the talented Jonathan Cole brings Max’s voice and narration to life, and fulfills that fantasy you had while reading it for the first time. All those filthy words he whisper’s to Sara echo through your speakers in the most velvety British accent that – well c’mon ladies, this is the reason we LOVE these books right?

All three of these books I’ve listened to an ungodly amount of times. And you’d think I’d get sick of the same story over and over right? Nope – not with these three, they’re like listening to an old friend and I always find myself smiling at my favorite parts – like a really good memory.



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