DAY 4. – Book turned into a movie and completely desecrated.

So I was behind a day – so you’re getting 2 today 🙂

A book turned into a movie that sucked? Oh where do I begin – there are a ton… I’m always the asshole at the end of the movie – “The book was so much better.” But it always is, isn’t it?

Twilight – Yes – I LOVED the book series. The first movie? I think they forgot to use makeup other than gray and blue. And although Kristen Stewart isn’t one of my favorite actresses to begin with? I think she played Bella as well as anyone would – because that’s how BLAH the whole character is. Same dumb look on her face – and the same crap ramblings in her head that she’s in love with someone after two days of staring – yes – staring. And does the girl EVER completely shut her mouth? The movies were sometimes hard to watch – even though I was in my 30’s and fangirling it up with the best of them. I adored the books, but the movies fell flat for me, accept Breaking Dawn Part 2 – someone FINALLY threw some life into it – ironically when she finally dies right?

But let’s flip this around – how about a book series that fell flat but the remake to TV blew me away? Then lemme’ tell you about Dexter.

The books by Jeff Lindsey? Not my cup of tea – and I’m a mega-serial killer fan. So the idea of a serial killer we are all rooting for? Right up my alley. I got the first three books as a birthday present and Book 1: Darkly Dreaming Dexter wasn’t too bad. But I still would only give it 3 stars. The books just went down from there for me. And this was before I even watched the series on Showtime.

There’s nothing likeable about the character in the books – he’s just going through the motions of life, unlike in the TV Series Dexter cares (even though he thinks he’s incapable of it.) Dexter in the books doesn’t feel three dimensional to me – he’s flat, a killer, and then you throw in Rita’s kids that are developing rather disturbing habits like his? Well this throws a really weird wrench into the equation. The people at Showtime took a really interesting story – that wasn’t put together well on paper and created a phenomenal series with Michael C. Hall playing one of his best character’s yet. (Next to David from Six Feet Under.) Though, in the first Series the writer’s stuck with the basic story line of Darkly Dreaming Dexter they were able to breathe life into everyone – and explain things that weren’t in the books, and add to the story creating something memorable (and still my favorite season.) So Kudo’s to the writers of the show – which probably propagated Jeff Lindsey’s ability to continue writing the series… selling over a million copies because people are dying for more Dexter in between seasons.

Not this girl – you can keep the books. I’ll watch the show this time around.


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