Day 2: Favorite Side Character

30 day challenge – and this is a really good question… and one that gets over looked A LOT.

Who is my favorite side character…. A few pop in my head at the same time

Griffin from SC Stephen’s Thoughtless Series

Sara from Rebecca Donovan’s The Breathing Series

and Carey from Sylvia Day’s Crossfire Series…. and I’m going to say that Carey is probably my favorite. The friendship that he has with Eva is pretty great – and a constant through out the series. When Eva is having a melt down – he’s there. He’s not even afraid of Gideon at his worst. He has no problem running in and throwing his ass to the ground to save his best friend. He knows Eva through and through – the good and the absolute worst about her. They’ve had to carve out an existence for themselves – together, to make it through their troubled pasts. He’s the comic relief when we need it – and the breath of fresh air that isn’t afraid to tell Eva when she’s been completely stupid. And let’s face it, sometimes in life we all need it.

But Carey is flawed all on his own – he can’t keep a relationship monogamous to save his life. He can’t be true to someone he knows deep down he loves. And that’s when Eva has to step in and slap some sense into him. Sometimes he listens, other times he ignores her and goes about his business creating more drama. But isn’t that why we love him?

When Gideon is having one of his night terrors and attacks Eva in her sleep, creating her own worst nightmare, Carey jumps in – and saves her from him. He’s angry, he’s afraid for his best friend – but he also knows when to step back and let Eva make her own decisions, even if he disagrees with them.

He also plays a roll in bridging the gap Eva has with her mother. Eva’s mother steps in where Carey’s parents stopped – when he announced to this overly religious family that he was gay – or bisexual and took off to New York with Eva. It doesn’t matter how old you are – you always need a family, and luckily for Carey he has Eva – her mother, step father and even her father back in California. He’s just part of the family and evens everything out.

Gideon even accepts the unusual attachment Eva has for him – bringing him along on vacations with his boyfriend – making sure they are all set up and comfortable in his apartment. He understands it – and even encourages their friendship and that just shows you how much Gideon loves Eva and Carey. When he’s attacked outside of a bar in Manhattan – Gideon makes sure he has the best care money can buy, and a private nurse to care for him when he returns home. This is how important he is to this story, and the novels would be lacking with out him… even if he is just a “side character.”




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