“We’re seriously going to drive to Jersey with a bird wearing a bra in the backseat?” Damaged 2, by H.M. Ward


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Home isn’t supposed to be dangerous, but for Sidney it is. Returning home means that she has to face her past. It’s not just the man who hurt Sidney that makes it horrible, but the family that didn’t believe her. They were dead to her, but now that her mom is really dying things seem different. It’s a chance to set things right.

What Sidney doesn’t realize is that she’s dragging Peter into a collision course with his past. Peter must deal with the demons haunting him if he wants to move forward with Sidney. He’s willing to give up everything for her, even wade deeper into his past life to help her move forward. But, Peter isn’t sure if he can get over what happened to him in New York.

If you haven’t read the first book Damaged – Don’t read any further. This is a review on the 2nd book, therefore there will be spoilers 🙂

So Sidney and Peter didn’t end things very well at the end of Damaged 1 – and things are getting off to a rough start in the 2nd. Sid has finally decided to face her demons – both her family and Dean. Her mother is sick – so she decides she’s going to drive half way across the country to New Jersey to see her. But as things go array – luckily Peter is there to save her (and a turkey.) Don’t ask – you’ll see.

Peter now has to face his own demons – and his family. We interlace a bit of Arrangement with Damaged 2 – in which Sidney and Peter meet Sean and Avery for dinner in New York. Sean is a douche – as he usually is, but Avery and Sid hit it off while the boys talk their talk…

It’s interesting to get Sidney’s perspective on the whole Sean and Avery relationship. And she can tell right away he cares for her more than he’s willing to admit. Sid is funny – she doesn’t have a problem putting Sean in his place, regardless of who he is. Which comes the bigger problem. Sid finally finds out who Peter really is – and of course, she feels betrayed. But if he was so famous to begin with, why didn’t she realize who he was? I kept asking myself this every time she whined about him lying to her. Even when they’re pulled over by a cop for speeding, he recognizes Peter right away. But that’s neither here nor there. Sid is finally going to have to face Dean – and her family and deal with the repercussions of her running away. Now that her mother is sick – dying – she has to deal with the guilt of leaving them all over again and the missed time with her mother. Peter reunites with his family, introducing Jonathan into the Ferro Mix from Stripped (a series I’ve yet to read.)

We weren’t left with a cliffhanger – for once! AMAZING! But It left it open – there could be more – we could see the progression of a really great happily ever after 🙂

For everyone – even the Turkey.


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