So I’ve been cheating on my Kindle….

With Netflix for the past week – getting caught up on Sons of Anarchy. Ever since Charlie Hunnam got cast as Christian Gray I’ll admit – I was leery at first, but I’ve loved Charlies since I got my first dose of the UK Original Queer as Folk. He was adorable as Nathan, and there were some pretty graphic scenes with he and Stuart (Sorry, our American version Brian Kenney was WAY hotter 😉

And even though all my friends had been watching SOA since the beginning and saying OMG you HAVE to watch it! It’s right up your alley, it’s like The Sopranos but on bikes! (Which is kind of true and false).

And then of course, is his interview on Conan when he’s talking about his house being burglarized and it kinda made me love him even more – because he just seems like a normal guy, down to earth and someone whose probably a pretty cool guy to hang out with.

and the accent doesn’t hurt 😉

But I’ve been lacking in SOOOOOOOO many books! I’ve got SO many books started – had a blog tour – and I’m having the typical reader’s problem of WTF do I read now? I just finished Beautiful Bombshell – I’ve started City of Bones and even though I’m really getting into it – I’m looking for something a little smuttier – or more of a love story. So last night I stated reading Flat Out Love. It’s been on my TO READ list for months. So far so good – but I’m still having steamy fantasies about Charlie Hunnam and his bike …. maybe I’ll have to delve into a Biker Series Hmmm?


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