September 7th – Seattle Author Event


So I conned one of my best friends into driving all the way from Waldport Oregon – to Portland – then to Seattle for this author event. It was my first, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew I was going to meet a lot of amazing and talented people, but what I didn’t realize is how awe-struck fan girl I’d be – and how down to earth every single one of them were. We arrived about an hour and a half early – and managed to be the in the first 10 people in. We made friends with people in line, who shared the same love of these authors it was SO nice to talk to someone that understood the importance of Colleen Hoover, The Crossfire Series and who could also admit that although the Fifty Shades Series is pretty hot – it’s not THAT great of a story. But what seemed to be the commonality was – it all brought us to these other amazing indie authors. Because once we all devoured 50 shades – we were all looking for more smut, or love stories that would fill the void.

A few weeks before the event my husband suggested I should have my friend Ammy make me some of her Burses to take to and have signed by the authors. “DING” Great idea husband – I think I’ll keep you šŸ˜‰

Burses are Book + Purse = Burse

But instead of having them signed, I decided to have three of my favorite books made into Burses to give to the authors themselves.


I had her make Hopeless by Colleen Hoover


Barely Breathing, by Rebecca Donovan (Which I can’t find the pic ANYWHERE! Arg!)

and Thoughtless, by S.C. Stephens


Which she posted on her Facebook Fan Page – and has gotten over 300 Likes – and counting. Making my best friends small-from-home-business – get over 100 likes in an hour. Click the pick to check it out on SC Stephens Facebook page.

Here are some photos pre-event. We were told through Facebook Molly McAdams had to cancel at the last minute – and I was pretty bummed – as well as everyone in line.

image photo

During the McDonald’s Monopoly game – my nephew won a free Shutterfly photo book. He didn’t wanted it – so I snatched that badboy up and made my very own autograph book with the author’s pics, and my favorite book of theirs. I think it turned out pretty good – but it wasn’t nearly as cute as the scrapbooks some women behind us in line had made. They put so much thought and effort into the emblems and things – you could tell they really loved their books šŸ™‚

The Cover


Colleen Hoover is my fave – so she got 2 pages instead of one.

colleen hoover

Ryan Winfield – super nice and freakishly tall!

james moodyRyan

Tammara Webber


Steph Campbell

grounding quinn

Jillian Dodd

jillian dodd

Dina Silver

kat fight

Kristen Proby – I told her Fight with me in Seattle was my favorite of the series – and so of course, she had to tell me Nate loves me too šŸ™‚

kristen proby

Liz Reinhardt

liz reinhart

Cora Carmack – probably one of the sweetest people we met at this event.

losing it

Nicole Williams

near and far

J. Sterling

perfect game

Rebecca Donovan – Another fave so she got 2 pages too šŸ™‚ and a Burse!

rebecca donovan

Rebecca Donovan
(not the greatest pics – but we were in line and trying not to hold it up)

K. Anne Raines

shattered grace

Tara Sivec – and the sticker was scratch n’ sniff šŸ™‚

snacks and chocolate

Tarryn Fisher

the oppertunist

S.C. Stephens


SC Stephens

When we were leaving the hotel after the event we had a few people stop us, that had been standing in front of us in line. They said SC Stephens had put her swag Pete’s Bar pens in her Burse I gave her and set it up on the desk for everyone to see. Which I thought was pretty awesome.

Tina Reber

JoDee with Tina Reber – she was out talking to everyone waiting in line, taking pictures, chatting people up – I don’t think she realized how big of a deal it was for people to meet her. Which of course, made me love her even more.

All in all it was one of the best days. Meeting a lot of people who share the same love for these books and finally being able to geek out with people who understand haha! JoDee reads whatever I send her way, but she even said “Jaime, you’re in your element here.”


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