The 50 Shades Saga – You would have thought the apocalypse had started

So I awoke on Labor Day  late – like most American’s who were lucky enough to have the day off. Completely forgetting that it was the day the OFFICAL ANNOUNCEMENT would be made – well it was rumored to be the day…. well unbeknownst to me when I checked my Facebook on my iPhone – half asleep when I was bombarded with half-naked pictures of Charlie Hunnam – and a whole lotta Anti-Dakota Johnson going on. Charlie Hunnam – yes the same smart ass brit from UnDeclared – which I adored, also on the UK Original Series Queer as Folk – playing a rather promiscuous and daring teenager finally setting out to embark on his gay crusade to bed the hottest guy he can find. In our world it was Brian Kenney – in the original it was Stuart (not nearly as hot as Brian.) If you’d give the guy a break – you would see that he is extremely talented – and doesn’t seem to have an issue with overtly sexual rolls. In the pilot episode of Queer as Folk you would see that – and also some pretty hot Man on Man action.

But in all fairness. I loved 50 Shades of Grey – even though the books themselves are pretty shit. I still give them 5++ stars because they made me feel something I hadn’t felt about reading in a long time. I was excited – I was involved. I cared about these characters even though Anastasia drives me UP THE WALL! I want to throttle her inner goddess throughout the entire series. But through the crap story lines – and repetitive expressions I still felt a lot for these characters. especially Christian – because well, even though he isn’t a true dominate in my eyes, he’s still hot-as-fuck. And all the damage he’s had done to him make him the perfect kinky, brudding  project boyfriend.

I think Charlie can pull this off no problem – Dakota? I’m not so sure. But she plays annoying REALLY well i.e. the 5 Year Engagement. And let’s face it – Anastasia is REALLY annoying. So to all you haters out there – give it a chance before you start your petitions and burning their photos in effigies!

Just a little eye candy for you 🙂

Charlie_Hunnam_4 Charlie_Hunnam_6 charlie-hunnam-4 charlie-hunnam-16

 If you can’t see that beautiful face holding a riding crop – and wearing those low hanging, worn and torn jeans in the Red Room of Pain we are all so familiar with – you’re blind!



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