Top 10 Books of 2012

So I’ve been seeing a lot of BEST OF going around lately, and it made me want to go through my books on Goodreads to see what I’ve actually read in the last year and a half. And well – there’s been tons. I can’t believe I’ve read over 200 books, and that I can recall just about the entire story of each of them. And yes, you’ll probably see some repeats from previous posts, but that just means they’re THAT good. So, here is my top 10 of 2012 reads!

Significance #10 – Significance – Book 1 in the Significance Series.

$4.99 on amazon!

Really interesting Paranormal YA Romance. I wouldn’t compare this to Twilight – It definitely stands out on it’s own. Caleb & Maggie meet – and have an instant connection both figuratively and physically. They have a common bond that links them together – they’re each others significant. And through out the completed four book series you will learn what it means to be someone’s significant – and what powers you’ll gain from it.

strangers_msr#9 – Strangers by Barbara Elsborg

$7.69 on amazon!

I bought this book on a whim, after reading a positive review on Goodreads. When Kate and Charlie meet – they literally crash into each other. Not on the street, not in a store, but in the ocean – way too far out in the ocean for a leisurely swim. Kate is running – or rather swimming, to get away from from a horrible situation that left her heartbroken and devastated. Charlie is a famous pop star with a budding movie career that leaves him feeling empty and lost. When the two decided to take a swim in the ocean – one last swim, they didn’t think they’d be saved by the other. Charlie loves being around Kate because she treats him like a normal person – she’s not after his celebrity. Kate is hoping she’s found a man that she can finally trust and open her heart too. But when the two lives collide and their personal bubble is popped – Kate isn’t sure if she’s ready for the lime light and Charlie isn’t sure if he can trust her.

avoiding-commitment-ka-linde# 8 Avoiding Commitment by K.A. Linde

$3.99 on amazon!

IN this book, we have a VERY convoluted story. It starts off when Lexi receives a phone call from Jack, who she hasn’t spoken too in quite sometime. Jack and Lexi have had a complicated relationship since they met in college. But when Jack practically begs her to come to Atlanta to see him and his fiance’ she second, thirds and fourth guesses herself all the way to the airport. Jack is getting married – but his fiance’ still thinks he’s hung up on Lexi – to which she isn’t entirely wrong. But when Lexi meets them all in Atlanta sparks start flying and they’re not all good. We have a lot of back and forth between past and present as we start grasping the depth of their relationship over the years – and how they’ve hurt one another. It’s sad – real – and makes you feel for Lexi, while sometimes still wanting to punch her for being such a girl.

Naked#7: Naked, The Blackstone Affair Book 1


If you want a hot-as-fuck British millionaire who can’t get enough of you? Well look no further than Mr. Ethan Blackstone, one of Great Britain’s finest private security agents. Brynne meet’s Ethan briefly, by accident at a gallery event at which her nude photographs are being presented. Ethan is captivated, so much that he purchases one. They begin their affair – and there is no stopping Ethan from what he wants. Brynne is sweet off her feet, quite literally in one particularly juicy scene, he back against a door and Ethan – yeah… But it’s not smut for smut sake, there is a story – there’s a real relationship with these two. They both have demons they’re trying to over come from their past. Brynne is trying to get over an incident that happened in the United States…. and Ethan is trying to recover from Post Traumatic Stress after being held captive during the war. They use each other to heal – and we get to witness every delicious act as their relationship develops.

Slammed - Book 1# 6: Slammed, by Colleen Hoover

$7.36 on amazon!

Layken is 18 and just moved to a new city with her mother and brother after the sudden death of her father. She meets her next door neighbor Will, he’s young – in college and caring for his younger brother. The two instantly have a connection and when he takes her out on their first date she finds his true calling – Slam Poetry. He takes her to a club, performs a piece and you may as well fall in love RIGHT then – because Will? Yeah he’s kinda amazing. Layken and Will have suffered far more than any two people should at their age – losing a parent is tough, let alone when you’re still trying to finish your childhood. They have a common bond and as their relationship progresses obstacles keep popping up, as they do in life. But you’ll find yourself rooting for these two and falling in love with Lakes instead of Oceans.

Bared to You - Crossfire Series Book 1# 5: Bared to You, by Sylvia Day

Book 1 in the Crossfire Series

$9.99 on amazon!

I’ve reviewed this already, but really it’s probably one of the best series I’ve read in the past year. Again, its not smut for smut sake. Gideon And Eva are real characters with real flaws. Gideon just happens to be rich and sex on a stick. These to characters are hopelessly flawed and try to heal each other the best they know now – with REALLY hot-as-fuck sex and brutal honesty. Though Eva has a hard time believing Gideon, because he would keep things from her – out of protection, she’s slowly letting him in and forging on with a REAL relationship based on love – not just fucking. They’re both damaged from their past – things that happened that were out of their control. But now that they’ve found each other – people that they can open up to and be themselves 100% they will fight tooth and nail to keep it together – or die trying.

10140661#4: Gabriel’s Inferno, by Sylvain Reynard

$8.89 on amazon!

Gabriel and Julia’s story is unlike any I’ve read before. I’ve only been reading smut/romance for the past few years – but this? Doesn’t even compare. Gabriel is a true romantic in every sense. And their story starts from a young age – and develops through the years to when they’re adults and reacquainted. She’s been waiting for him, more or less – and though their first interaction after so much time as passed isn’t what Julia hoped for? Things start falling into place and Gabriel more than makes up for it. He’s chivalrous, caring, incredibly sexy and I think the word romance was invented just for books like these…. we have the Professor/Student issue that adds just a little bit of forbidden fruit to the mix – giving us a well rounded love story that begins with an apple orchard – and a brown eyed angel who meets her soul mate as a teenager, only to loose him and find him again when they’re both adults, unsuspecting for a love like this to over take them.

515kzV0-w+L#3: Fifty Shades of Grey, by EL James

$9.99 on amazon!

I couldn’t write my top 10 of last year without this book – because had I not picked it up and devoured the trilogy in a matter of days, I probably wouldn’t be writing this blog in the first place. After reading this – I couldn’t get my hands on enough smut – indie authors – and new adult. Something about the easiness of the text left me wanting more – and more – and more, pretty soon I was reading anywhere from 3 to 5 books a week. The book is simple – an easy read. Even though Christian is quite complicated, he has issues far beyond Ana. Ana is in her early twenties, just graduating from college and has her whole life ahead of her. She’s rather innocent for her age, and this intrigues Christian – but he’s not into your typical relationship. He needs one that requires a contract and a non-disclosure agreement to protect his millions. We have the BDSM factor – and that Christian is a self-proclaimed dominant. But really? He’s pretty soft in comparison to some of the erotica I’ve read. Still, I read it five times – yes five times as well as the other two. 15 times for this trilogy, until I found more series to quench my thirst.

wallbanger#2: Wallbanger, by Alice Clayton

$7.59 on amazon!

I had waited around for a while before picking up this book. It looked a bit too fluffy for my taste. But once I started it, I was hooked. Caroline’s attitude cracked me up from the start. She’s missing her “O” and having to deal with her obnoxious next door neighbor “Wallbanger” Simon – who parades women in and out of his apartment like a brothel. (Well only three particular ones, but still.) They share a bedroom wall and when Caroline is trying to sleep she’s serenaded by the cat meows, giggling and spankings of Simon’s regular fucks. The book is chauked full of fun pop culture references, even a little My So Called Life scene where she reminiscences about Jordan Catalano down in the boiler room with Angela. This book was almost my favorite of the year, well untill Colleen Hoover stepped in.

9781476743554_p0_v2_s260x420My #1 of 2012: Hopeless, by Colleen Hoover

I can’t even put into words how much I adore this book. I’ve probably bought close to 10 copies of it on e-book to give to friends, and 2 on paperback. Sky and Holder’s story is unlike ANYTHING I’ve ever read before. They’re real characters – they have real problems – and senses of humor. The back and forth between these two is like listening in on a conversation with your friends – because that’s how well Colleen Hoover writes – she brings you into the story so you’re a part of it. You LIVE It – not just witness. I felt Sky’s pain – I felt  Holder’s pain – and i cried with them. My heart broke with theirs – and for them. I wanted to hold their hands and tell them everything would be ok. I can’t even go in to detail without spoiling the book for anyone – but pick it up – it’s less than five bucks, and worth sooooooooooooooo much more.


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