“You die in love more than you live in love.” Dirty Red (Love me with Lies #2) by, Tarryn Fisher


4 outta 5 stars!

*Semi-Spoiler Review*
If you haven’t read Tarryn Fisher’s first book, The Opportunist (Love me with Lies #1) Don’t read any further!


Dear Opportunist,

You thought you could take him from me, but you lost. Now, that he’s mine I’ll do anything to keep him. Do you doubt me? I have everything that was supposed to be yours. In case you were wondering; he doesn’t ever think about you anymore. I won’t let him go….ever.

Dirty Red

Leah Smith finally has everything she has ever wanted. Except she doesn’t. Her marriage feels more like a loan than a lifelong commitment, and the image she has worked so hard to build is fraying before her eyes. With a new role and a past full of secrets, Leah must decide how far she is willing to go to keep what she has stolen.

So you think Olivia has issues? Move over crazy – in steps another off her rocker chick obsessed with Caleb Drake. Seriously? What is it with this guy that has all these women going insane over him? I don’t really see the appear – sure he was popular, and good looking – and a basketball star in college. But college is over! So what if he has a small British accent – these things loose their attractiveness once you’re married – and he’s burping, scratching himself and blowing up the bathroom more than turning you on (I should know, I’m married to a brit 😉

We stop off from the end of The Opportunist – we know Olivia has moved on and done the one selfless thing she can do for Caleb – let him go. She leaves in Italy, for once being open and honest with him – and he continues his marriage with Leah. We find out now nothing is what it seems. Leah is fucking nuts – waaaaaaaay more nuts that Olivia was in the first book. And even though I’m not really on Team Caleb – I feel sorry for him, it’s like he can’t catch a break with all these women obsessed with him.

We get A LOT of back and forth – past and present like the first book, and an eye opener at a lot of different things that were skipped over in the first book. How Leah dealt with everything after Caleb’s amnesia – and finding out that he was hanging out with Olivia again. How she dealt with the issues at work with her father – the trial – and everything in between. We see how she’s falling into her mother’s footsteps – at being horriable and self involved that she can’t even properly feed her daughter, let alone bond with her. Caleb has always wanted a family, and Leah was hoping that their daughter would be the clincher in signing their life together forever – but ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh we all find out what a colossal mistake that was!

I’m devouring these books – I wouldn’t give them five stars because there isn’t ANY smut in them – no hot sex scenes, nothing remotely what I’ve used to reading. But the story is there – it’s interesting – and it’s a guilty pleasure reading these woman go to such extremes to keep Caleb in their lives – we all secretly plot things, but the sanity in us keeps us from going over the edge like these two –

Now on to Book 3: Thief (Love me with Lies 3)

and let’s hope this one is from Caleb’s perspective eh?


“Human eyes are the sign language of the brain. If you watch them carefully, you can see the truth played out, raw and unguarded.”

“I didn’t choose her,” his voice breaks. “Love is illogical. You fall into it like a manhole. Then you’re just stuck. You die in love more than you live in love.”


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