“Quinn, don’t make your life harder than it needs to be.” Grounding Quinn, by Steph Campbell

Grounding Quinn

4 outta 5 star


I picked this book up, it’s been on TO READ list on Goodreads for mooooonths. But seeing as the author, Steph Campbell is going to be at the author event in Seattle next month, I thought it was pretty necessary to get to reading!

So Quinn is an incredibly fucked up teenager. She has a pill addled crazy mother and a philandering borderline abusive father who never say’s a kind word to her…. like ever.

So you can imagine why the girls so messed up right? She’s already snagging her mother’s prescription meds and popping them to drudge on through her adolescence and no one seems to notice – that’s how wrapped up her parents are in their own existence – and perhaps her little brother’s baseball career.

In walks Benjamin – a transplant to Atlanta from Kentucky. He and Quinn have a brief exchange and end up hanging out – a lot, so much that it seems they start dating with in the first chapter – it was REALLY quick, and didn’t leave much to the imagination. But then sometimes that’s alright, as along as there is enough going on in the story between them. But this situation kind of just left me wanting a bit more I guess. Quinn obviously has issues with relationships due to her parents horrible influence – but it doesn’t stop her from finally opening up to Benjamin about her parents issues – her mother’s psychosis, and both her parents drinking problems – and how she’s always in trouble no matter what she does. Ben tries to be there for her as best that he can – but if course, she pushes him away to within an inch of their relationship – and honestly? It gets old.  I was kind of done with Quinn and her meddling ways – as much as she says she can’t stand her parents – she’s doing a bang up job of turning into her mother at the ripe age of 18.

She and Ben are back and forth …. and Quinn, you wonder if she is EVER going to get her shit together. It’s sad to watch a girl so young spiral out of control and push away anyone who genuinely cares for her.

Check it out!


“It’s a shame her attitude is so stank now, because she always had such a pretty face. Ha!”

“Yep, it’s official, I liked you much better when you were fat.”

“Dad’s office is immaculate, like in a creepy Sleeping with the Enemy way.”

“When we love a person, we accept him or her exactly as is: the lovely with the unlovely, the strong along with the fearful, the true mixed with the facade,” Sydney recites. I pause at the door and glance over my shoulder at her. “Who said that?” I ask, wanting her to cite the source of her bullshit. She cracks with a smile. “Mr. Rogers.”

“Who was that leaving?” Carter’s voice booms as he walks in the door. I tilt my head back on the edge of the sofa to look at him. “That was Tessa, you idiot.” He lets out an obnoxious whistle. “Tessa? Seriously? Whoa, she got -” “Yeah I know.” I’d put it in her butt,” he says.

“Because genetics don’t determine who we become Quinn. It’s the choices we make for ourselves that make us who we are, not the crazy that we come from.”

“Quinn, don’t make your life harder than it needs to be.”


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