“People are running to and from class and I just want to yell, slow down and wait for the world to catch up!” – The Redemption of Callie & Kayden by, Jessica Sorensen


5 outta 5 stars!

Book 2 of Callie & Kayden’s Story


– If you haven’t read The Coincidence of Callie & Kayden – this could spoil it for you –


The dark secret Kayden has kept hidden for years is out. Worse, he’s facing charges for battery. The only way he stands a chance against the charges is if Callie speaks up, something he’ll never ask her to do.

Callie knows Kayden is going back to his dark place and desperately wants to save him. But saving him means admitting her secrets aloud. Callie and Kayden are stronger than they think, especially when they’re together. Together they move forward, face their demons, and finally start to heal from their traumatic pasts.

So after we were kicked in the gut at the end of Coincidence – left with a cliffhanger – not knowing if Kayden was even going to LIVE! We’re punch right back in the same spot – when we find out that not all the damage done to him was from his father – that he took the knife and cut his wrist open himself. I know Callie has had her suspicions through book one, but to see it put out there finally was a little jarring. But who can blame the kid growing up in that house? His parents are certifiable – his dad is a monster – his mother is a drugged up zombie – and older brother who didn’t escape far enough seems to be following in her pill popping foot steps.

Kayden ends up in a hospital because his mother convinced the doctors that he hurt himself – she explains to him that his father was never there and that he’s been on a business trip for days. Uh-huh likely story. But thankfully one of his therapists see’s through the bullshit and finally asks him if his dad has ever hurt him. Then we finally think – YES! FINALLY someone is going to find out! But no – he’s so fucked in the head about everything that’s happened – he doesn’t tell him the truth.

When Callie finally see’s him at the hospital it’s been a few weeks – and he’s getting discharged. He basically blows her off and tells her she shouldn’t have come – he’s afraid to let her into his mess – he thinks she deserves better. And although you know it’s killing him? You know it’s coming from a good place – he’s doing it because he loves her – even though he can’t admit it – even to himself.

Callie goes back to school – leaving Kayden at his parents house. She feel’s guilty but he won’t talk to her – he won’t talk to anyone really. When Thanksgiving break comes around – Callie, Luke and Seth all hope into Luke’s beat up truck and head back home for break. They come up with a plan for a road trip after Luke offer’s up his father’s beach house in California. Callie finally is able to get through to Kayden enough – they start talking and he agrees to go with them. They’re all trying to save him from being stuck in his parents house – where all his nightmares surround him. Once they’re in California things start to progress with Callie and Kayden – he’s finally opening up and they make love – it’s the first time they’ve been together since he took her virginity and even though it’s kind of sad and tragic? It’s also beautiful. I love that he can make her feel normal after what Caleb took from her on her 12th birthday.

They decide to head back home a few days early – after Callie and Kayden keep locked up in the bedroom making up for lost time – they both agree they’re finally going to tell someone about the tragic things that have happened to them – Callie is going to confess to her parents about what Caleb did to her – and Kayden is going to tell his therapist about all the abuse he has suffered at the hands of his father.

It’s such a relief when it’s done – I feel horrible for Callie’s parents because her father is enraged and heartbroken – her mother is still kind of annoying but understandably upset. Her brother? Does all he can and turns Caleb in for growing/selling weed – so when and if he ever turns up back in town the police will arrest him. It’s sad that no charges will come up on him, but it’s been too long since it happened. Kayden spends all night at a diner with his therapist and confesses a lot of what’s happened to him through the years – he tells him that though he cut his own wrist that night – his father was the one that stabbed him in the stomach. His therapist tells him to continue on with his therapy once he’s back at school – and tells him to call him day or night if he needs anything. They both feel the weight lifted off of their shoulders when they head back to school – but not before Kayden stops at his parents house to confront them – and tell them he’s finally confessed to someone what his father did.

But they’re gone – the house is packed – the windows bare – they.are.gone.

Everyone is kind of shocked – but think that they took off knowing Kayden was probably going to call the police and turn his father in for almost killing him – his mother, father and brother have all fled and he has no idea where they’ve gone. They head back to school and Callie finally convinces Kayden to search for his oldest brother – to which Seth finds him through the internet and he’s living in Virgina – a teacher – married with no children. Kayden gets the courage to call him and at the end of the book he flies out there to meet him. His brother is the only one that got away – and stayed away. He couldn’t handle their father’s abuse any longer. He drive’s Kayden to the outskirts of a prison and tells him that they use to have an uncle – their father’s brother – but that their grandfather killed him in a fit of rage and is sitting in that very prison in front of them. Things start to click with why his father is the way he is – he obviously grew up in a home much worse – and the fear crawls through Kayden as he realizes just how bad that night could have been if Callie and Luke hadn’t shown up when they did.

Not even thinking he calls Callie right away and say’s I Love You….

We all know he does – Callie even knows he does – he just didn’t know how to say it.

But there’s more – of course –

Callie’s brother calls her to tell her that Caleb’s house was searched by the police and they found journals in his floorboards. Journals that he wrote in – explaining and fantasizing about all the horrible things he did to her – and to other girls. One being Luke’s sister – who committed suicide a few years back. We get another glimpse into the depravity of Caleb and left with an ending that’s obviously sporting for another book. 🙂

it was definitely worth the wait!


“How am I supposed to move forward in life when everything important to me is motionless.”

“People are running to and from class and I just want to yell, slow down and wait for the world to catch up!”

“Callie, if she hates herself for a while, then she hates herself for a while. You’ve been carrying around the burden for the last six years and it’s about time someone else took a little bit of the weight off of you.”

“No, but I’ve never been one for wise ideas,” he says. “I believe in irrational, fleeting decisions that keep life interesting. And life needs to be interesting because we’ve got only one of them to live.”

“Maybe if I try hard enough, we’ll fall into each other and become one single person and we can share our pain instead of carrying it by ourselves.”

“He tastes like mint and need, as he overpowers me with his tongue.”


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