“Possess. Have. Hold. Enjoy. Control. Dominate. Pick your verb, Ms. Fairchild. I intend to explore so very many of them.” Release Me, by J. Kenner


The Completed – Stark Trilogy by J. Kenner

Well Complete as of today

Complete me Live on Amazon  now!: http://amzn.com/B00BKK6E04

Where to start – where to start….. Damien Stark. You’ll get to know this name very well because it seems to be repeated obsessively throughout all three novels. And this gives us an indication that Ms. Nikki Fairchild is quite obsessed with her former tennis star – turned tech mogul.

Damien Stark is pretty much gorgeous – tall, dark and handsome and it doesn’t hurt that he’s a self-made billionaire who invests in up and coming tech projects.

If you haven’t read ANY of the three books – Don’t read ANY further!

The 1st book: Release Me: http://amzn.com/B008WOTQGU

I gave 4 outta 5 stars when I initially reviewed it on Goodreads. I’d give it 4.5 outta 5 after finishing the entire trilogy. It was probably the strongest of the three – and it’s always fun first getting to know the thick of a story – and what makes the characters tick.

Nikki Fairchild is a former beauty pageant winner from Texas – whose overcome (sort of) her addiction to cutting. Give thanks to her controlling southern belle mother who doesn’t believe Nikki will ever be good enough for anything – or anyone. This is actually where Nikki and Damien first meet – years before their story begins. Damien judges a beauty pageant that she is in, they have a brief conversation – but he’s always stuck with her – obviously because he’s gorgeous.

Fast forward and Nikki is moving to LA to move in with her best friend Jamie – and to start a new job in the tech world. Nikki is kind of a geek when it comes to this stuff – and that makes me REALLY like her. She’s beautiful, yet she’s got brains too. She and Damien meet again – and he of course is drawn to her – everything about her physically excites him…. but once he gets to know her deep down, even her scars both figuratively and literally entice him. But Nikki can tell Damien has demon’s – issues he’s not ready to deal with – at least not with her. He’s insanely controlling, and extremely secretive – both traits she’s not sure she can handle in a man she’s dating. But there’s always just something about that broke billionaire that makes us all root for them to work out. And Damien is no different. Just when you think he’s fucked up one too many times? You’re still rooting for Nikki to forgive him and keep trudging along until we find out what the hell is going on with him. Especially after he see’s her scars on her thighs – the constant reminder she has of her cutting…. the scars both soothe and mock her. But Damien see’s them as strength – that she moved past all of her pain and doesn’t need to do it anymore – she has him. He wants to give her everything she needs mentally – physically – sexually. Whether it’s tying her up and teasing her to the point of insanity, or perhaps a good spanking will set her straight – either way the sex is hot – REALLY hot!

This book is long – and thick – (pun intended) And so much is going on it’s WAY too much to type. But do yourself a favor and meet Mr. Stark – you will NOT regret it.

The 2nd Book: Claim Me: http://amzn.com/B00AXIZ5MC

3.5 outta 5 stars!

We dive deeper into Nikki and Damien’s relationship – finding out more about Damien’s past and desperately trying to figure out if they’re going to stay together or if his secrets will tear them apart. We can see they work together sexually – the chemistry is steaming out of all of our kindles!

But there has to be more – there HAS to be honesty and trust.

And then the bomb is dropped and we find out what happened to Damien as a child – at the hand of someone he trusted and what the outcome of that situation is…. and then of course, we’re left with what I call a semi-cliff-hanger. It’s still annoying not answering all our questions – but we still get a fuzzy happy ending. Though Damien leaves Nikki to return to Germany – to face the trial for the murder of his tennis coach, we’re thankful that Nikki has a back bone and fights for her man! She doesn’t even give it a 2nd thought – she just jumps on a plain – scared he’ll reject her, but she still goes running – arms open – and yes, he’s there – and admits that he does love her…. well DUH!

The 3rd and Final Book: Complete Me: http://amzn.com/B00BKK6E04

4 outta 5 stars!

Just released today, I was fortunate enough to receive an ARC a few weeks ago. I’m happy that Damien was released of all charges in Germany – and then we find out a little more about his coach’s daughter Sophia – of which was also involved in the abuse. He would make Damien and Sophia act out sexual things together while he photographed them or videoed the disgusting abuse. Damien is desperate to keep these images hidden – but someone has released copies to the courts in Germany – and is the reason the charges were dropped. We know Damien didn’t actually kill his coach – but he did stop him from being able to get back on the roof – he stood there and watched him plummet to his death and did nothing to stop it. And we all agree don’t we? He deserved it.

Nikki and Damien head back to the United States after trying to find Sophia in England. Damien learns she is back in the USA running around with a band. He’s hoping she’ll check herself back into rehab or contact him – but he’s constantly worrying about her throughout the book. Nikki finally decides to put her seed money to use and starts up her own tech consulting firm – well not quite a firm, but her and an office assistant. But she has her very own office space and is finally feeling like her dreams are coming true. But she always has a sneaking suspicion that Damien is keeping things from her – and we realize that he’s just trying to keep her safe. Before they return to the USA Damien explains someone vandalized her car – and then when they return and are at her apartment someone throws a rock through her window – then while at work someone sends a messenger with a threatening note. But we don’t know who Nikki’s new stalker friend is – but we do know they don’t want her with Damien.

Damien convinces her to move in with him at the Malibu house – and even though Nikki wants nothing more, she wants it because they’re moving forward with their relationship and not because Damien just wants to protect her – and control the situation until this stalker is found. Finally, the stalker shows herself and is actually a woman Nikki befriended at a Starbucks near her office. We find out Sophia has been behind this the whole time when she shows up at Nikki’s office holding photos of she and Damien as kids – having sex. Nikki is hurt – disgusted – and frantic to keep this from Damien – if he finds out that Sophia is behind this it will kill him – if these photo’s are released – it will shatter him. Sophia makes it pretty simple and say’s if she leaves him – she won’t leek the photos. So Nikki does what any stupid woman would do – she breaks Damien’s heart and leaves him.

BUT! (there’s always a butt) Damien is told what’s going on by an unusual source – Ollie confides what Nikki’s plan was – so Damien does the only thing he can do so they can be together. He releases the photos and the story of what happened to him and Sophia at the hands of her father – his tennis coach. Nikki is frantic trying to find him – and once she does he admits everything – and of course….. gets down on one knee and proposes!

We got our happily ever after – but I’m not sure if it was the time in between novels that got me or what – I found myself getting bored with the back and forth – could just be me – but it was still a good book and a nice completion of the series.

DEFINITELY worth a read ladies!


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