“Little did she know then, a stolen moment, a sweatshirt, many bottle caps, and few layers peeled back later, her life would never be the same.”, Pulse – by Gail McHugh


Pulse – Book#2 in Gail McHugh’s Collide Series

4 outta 5 star – SPOILER REVIEW

If you haven’t read Book #1 Collide or Pulse – Don’t read any further!

Oh Ms. Emily Cooper, what have you gotten yourself into? (That kind if rhymed.)

We were left on the EDGE at the end of Collide – Emily didn’t marry Dillon – after he basically raped her, beat her, she was FINALLY done with him. It took all that crap, and Gavin having a drunken melt down at their rehearsal dinner to bring everything to light and for Emily to see that Dillon really is a douche – and there was no way she was going to marry him – even though we as reader’s have been yelling at her since the beginning that he’s a DOUCHE! WTF are you doing? Emily is definitely a weak character – to the point that she allows Dillon to treat her like a whore – merely laying down and taking it, rather than fight tooth and nail to get away from him. I know Dillon was manipulative and abusive, but he didn’t get really physical till the end, and I found myself wanting to bitch slap Emily most of the way through the first book for being so stupid.

Gavin has left – he’s run off away from NYC to get away from everything and everyone. Still thinking that Emily is going through with the wedding the next day. He has his brother take him to the airport where he jumps on his private jet – (isn’t being a millionaire fun?) and tosses his cell phone before flying off to somewhere not-yet-determined by the readers. This is going to cause some issues, as Emily didn’t go through with the wedding and is now desperate to find him. After moping around – she gets in touch with Gavin’s brother – who tells her where Gavin is – and that he will help her get to him.

We have Emily down in South America tracking Gavin down, where he’s been drinking his sorrow’s away, and indulging in the local women – sometimes two at a time. The pig!

When Emily finds him he’s pulling into the driveway of his beach house, with two girls in toe! Well, well, well, what do we have here Mr. Blake? He’s shocked that Emily is standing at his door step and sends the women off as he takes Emily back to her hotel. We’re left wondering what the hell is going on between these two as he doesn’t seem very thrilled that she’s there, regardless that she didn’t go through with the wedding – he’s still angry – he’s still hurt – she said she didn’t love him, she refused to admit to him, and herself of the love that they share. Their love is intense – fast and like a smack to the head and he’s furious that she wouldn’t admit it to him. But once they mend their ways we start getting our happily ever after back – one we’ve been waiting for throughout this two book series. Gavin and Emily are FINALLY TOGETHER!!

But what happens now to fuck it up you say? She gets herself knocked up and she’s not sure who is the baby’s daddy. Yes Emily should be on the Maury Show getting a DNA test done. WHAT-THE-HELL?!

So throughout most of the book we’re going through the back and forth of is it Gavin’s or is it Dillon’s? And of course, Dillon finds out through a screw up at the doctor’s office – and not changing her address soon enough because yes – she’s moved in with Gavin into his penthouse (seriously, who the hell wouldn’t?) Dillon makes their life a living hell from here on out – trying his damnest to push a wedge between Gavin and Emily. He insists on going to every doctor’s appointment and being in the room when the baby’s born. Gavin is livid – but not wanting Emily to have to go through an amnio – to find out who the father is before the baby’s born, he’s toughing it out and waiting until the very end. And even though Gavin insists he will love that baby as if it were his own? You can tell it’s eating away at him – especially after his mother’s reaction being so harsh against Emily that she practically storms out of the room – only to come back a short time later after hearing Emily tell Gavin it’s over and that she won’t come between him and his family – that his mother realizes that Emily truly loves her son and wouldn’t do anything to hurt him. (Accept fuck him – and leave him – and go back to her cheating, abusive ex a number of times – but whose counting.)

Emily finds out there’s another test to determine DNA results – instead of the invasive amnio approach. She has the test done, along with Gavin and finds out THANK GOD that the baby is in fact Gavin’s. Then of course, she goes into labor while they’re at his Hampton’s beach house. She deliver’s a bouncing baby boy – to which Gavin will turn into a Yankee’s fan no-doubt and Gavin is given the ultimate gift of visiting Dillon at his office and giving him the news – of the birth of HIS son.

They finally have their minivan – their happily ever after – and at the end? Another bundle of joy on the way. He’s designed and built her a dream house, from the use of his question game – little did she know the entire time she was aiding him in designing their home.

Pulse was really good and kept me pretty entertained throughout – but I have to admit, I wanted to throttle Emily through most of it. But i’m glad they got their happily ever after.


Gavin to Emily: “I can’t promise you it’ll always be sweet and tender because you and I fight hard. But I’m pretty sure it won’t be a horror ride either because you and I love even harder. What I can promise is you’ll always mean more to me than my next breath, and it’ll always be you in my life. No one else.” 

Gavin to Emily: “We were written for one another, and I wouldn’t change one line in our romance novel. The good, the bad, the in between. It’s ours. We own it.” 

Gavin to Emily: “I’m going to fuck you right now, Emily. I’m going to bring you so much pleasure you’ll never think about walking away from me again. ” 

Gavin to Emily: “I’m pretty sure you were in my dreams before you walked into my life. I felt it the first time I saw you. You pulled at me. Took hold of my heart and never let go.”………….”You were never supposed to be with Dillon. You were always supposed to wind up with me, but fate interrupted us for awhile” 

Gavin to Dillon – after he’s just beaten his ass: “If you know me at all, then you’ll know this isn’t an empty threat from a pussy who likes to knock women around. This is coming from a man. A man who’ll laugh all the way to the gas chamber as your mother cries all the way to your fucking grave. Do you understand me?” 

Gavin to Emily: “Third”— he grinned and leaned into her ear—” never in a billion years have couples fucked the way we do. We break records.” 

“Little did she know then, a stolen moment, a sweatshirt, many bottle caps, and few layers peeled back later, her life would never be the same.” 


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