“I can’t go long without you either, Eva. You’re an addiction…my obsession…” – Bared to You – The Crossfire Series

Bared to You - Crossfire Series Book 1

The New York Times – and – #1 International Best Seller – Bared to You

By Sylvia Day

$9.99 on Amazon e-book!


I picked this up after reading 50 Shades of Grey – it was the new IT book out at the time – and everyone on Goodreads praised it as The NEW 50 Shades of Grey – basically because you have a young girl starting out after college – a rich, tormented, controlling Billionaire type – that absolutely falls head over heals – and of course, she’s the first girl to ever make him feel this way right? They have crazy monkey sex – maybe a little spanking – and the story dwindles down right? Not here ladies – You delve into a story about two lost souls who have overcome so much tragedy in their lives – that most would have wallowed and choked on by now. They are both abuse survivors at the hands of people they trusted – and the come to find a commonality in their fears of rejection and loss – almost feeding one another in an unhealthy way. But on with the story….

Meet Eva Tramell – recently moved to NYC to start work at a prestigious advertising agency, along in tow – her BBF (best bi-friend) Carey Taylor. These two have had their ups and downs – a lot of downs; drowning in alcohol, drugs and uninhibited sex – they found each other in a youth group counseling session and never looked back. Eva has demons from her childhood she’s trying to over come – as well as Carey – they try to work things out together – and moving to Manhattan after college was just what they needed.

Eva comes from money – her mother is rich, her father? Not so much. Her mother’s 3rd husband has a lot of connections in the business world, but Eva took a job with an advertising agency that hired her on her merit alone – she needed that. She left the warmth of California – and her father to embark on this new adventure. Little did she know how far it would take her….

Just as Eva is walking into The Crossfire building on her first day of work a woman next to her drops her bag and the insides go scattering about. Eva is crouched down picking up the woman’s items when Gideon Cross walks up – He’s tall – dark – dangerous – and sexy doesn’t cover it. He emits sex  with his black inky hair and haunted eyes. Gideon is literally sex on a stick, the way he’s described….. all the way down to his well curved cock that pokes just up to his belly button.

If course Eva falls on her ass – and Gideon is over come by his attraction to her… but this starts a story that you’ll have a hard time putting down.

In one of the first real interactions between Gideon and Eva, Eva is leaving his floor to head back to her office when he stops her at the elevator – and this happens:

“Are you sleeping with anyone?”

The question was asked so casually it took a second to process what he’d said.

I inhaled sharply. “Why is that any business of yours?”

He looked at me and I saw what I’d seen the first time we’d met—tremendous power and steely control. Both of which had me taking an involuntary step back. Again. At least I didn’t fall this time; I was making progress.

“Because I want to fuck you, Eva. I need to know what’s standing in my way, if anything.”

I think I was sitting outside with my kindle and went a little slack-jawed. You can’t be serious? He’s really just gonna put out out there like that? REALLY?

But in all honestly, it was kind of hot. And Sylvia Day gives us this as a taste of what’s to come – because Gideon is never told no – obviously, who the hell would want too???

When I really started getting into the thick of the story, I figured it was going to be the new BDSM book – controlling rich guy whose never found THE ONE – and young naive girl falls hopelessly head over heals for the damaged man – but I was sooooo wrong. Bared to You should NEVER and I mean NEVER be lumped into any category that 50 shades is in. Yes, they’re both heavily sexual – and have some pretty hot-as-fuck sex scenes – but Bared to You has depth, that 50 shades lacks.

You feel for these characters when you find out why they’re damaged. You see two abuse survivors trying to forge through with any semblance of a real relationship – without letting the demons of their past interfere. They’re jealous – some times crazy jealous – they are unhealthily attached to each other – but it all makes sense – because Eva and Gideon are trying to heal each other. It just happens to be through really fucking hot rough sex.

Gideon doesn’t do relationships – he has women he fucks – and he has women who he see’s socially, but the two never become the same, so Eva is new to him – she has taken the reins and taken him in his limo on the way to a fund raiser – but of course, something always happens – a misunderstanding and Eva flees feeling that Gideon ignored her after she gave herself to him. But they make amends – and Eva realizes she has competition for Gideon’s affection.

The sex scene’s are different from anything I’ve read before – at times boarding on brutal – but of course we eat up every little bit. And there’s something loving in the way they are together – regardless how rough… you can tell there is true intimacy between them.

When I started reading Bared to you – the 2nd book Reflected in You wasn’t out yet – and I had to wait months and months and months – it was excruciating!

If you’re looking for a book to sink your teeth into – try the Crossfire Series – the first three books will leave you DEFIANTLY wanting more.


Gideon to Eva: “I’ve always seen you, angel. From the moment you found me, I’ve seen nothing but you.”

Gideon to Eva: “Oh, Eva.” He rubbed his cheek against my damp face. “I must’ve wished for you so hard and so often you had no choice but to come true.”

Carey to Eva: “I want there to be happily-ever-afters for the fucked-up crowd. Show me the way, Eva honey. Make me believe.”

Eva talking about Gideon: “He was the kind of guy that made a woman want to rip his shirt open and watch the buttons scatter along with her inhibitions.”

Eva to Gideon: “B.O.B. and I have a longtime understanding – when we’re done with each other, we know exactly which one of us has been used, and it isn’t me. Good night Gideon.”

Gideon to Eva: “Romance isn’t in my repertoire, Eva. But a thousand ways to make you come are. Let me show you.”

Eva & Gideon: “You definitely have the voice for phone sex, but I’ve got to go. I have a date with my vibrator.” “Oh, Eva.” Cross spoke my name in a decadent purr. “You’re determined to drive me to my knees, aren’t you? What will it take to talk you into a threesome with B.O.B.”

Gideon to Eva: “It’s not the right word, Eva,” he pressed on stubbornly, his lips at my ear. “That’s why I haven’t said it. It’s not the right word for you and what I feel for you.”

“Shut up. If you care about me at all, you’ll just shut up and go away.”

“I’ve been loved before–by Corinne, by other women…But what the hell do they know about me? What the hell are they in love with when they don’t know how fucked up I am? If that’s love, it’s nothing compared to what I feel for you.”



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