“In the words of some really beautiful smart girl I know, just give me what I want,” Caleb whispered.” Significance, by Shelly Crane

 A Significance Series

A Complete – YA’ish – not quite your typical Romance –

I’d give all books 4 to 5 stars!

By Shelly Crane – Book One: Significance – Now FREE on Amazon for a limited time!


Book 1 – Significance

You’re introduced to Maggie – on the verge of graduating high school and prepared to move on with her life – going to college, and trying to get over the break up of her long time boyfriend (who is off to Florida on a football scholarship.) Maggie is your typical teenager, having felt the loss of her mother who walked out on her family – and having to deal with her father who cut out mentally at the same time, not being able to handle the grief of being abandoned by his wife. After her graduation ceremony, Maggie reluctantly agrees to meet up with her friend Kyle after his graduation party. She starts making her way over to his house and walks up to a stop sign, waiting to cross and notices a guy standing there, wearing a back pack and hoodie – bouncing his head to whatever music he’s listening too. When he see’s her and smiles, Maggie instantly notices him – and then notices that he goes to walk out into the street right in front of an oncoming truck. Maggie grabs him by his backpack and jerks him back, saving his life. When the boy realizes he’s basically on top of her and jumps up to inspect if she’s OK, they introduce themselves and this is where Caleb and Maggie first meet. Realizing that Maggie is on her way over to Caleb’s cousin’s house, and that she is the girl his cousin Kyle has been going on and on about for weeks, he walks with her the rest of the way to his house. Kyle meets them outside, and as he and Maggie are getting ready to leave Caleb there to go out on the town – she turns and extends her hand to Caleb and it happens – They imprint.

What’s imprinting? Well they’re half of the same whole – they feel it – they can read each others thoughts, emotions, and actually feel real pain when they’re separated from one another. Their connection is intense – and then some. Caleb is the first male in his family in years to imprint, especially on what they believe Maggie to be – a normal human being. We’re swung into their story – the story of imprinting and what Caleb’s family clan means. There are good – and bad – and of course Maggie gets tossed up in the middle and action ensues between the clans!

Without spoiling too much – this is one of the most fun books to read, and I found myself up until three am last year devouring the whole thing beginning to end – and on to the 2nd and 3rd books – impatiently waiting for the fourth – that was well worth the wait.

Book 2 – Accordance

Book 3 – Defiance

Book 3.5 – Reverence – a short novella from Caleb’s POV

Book 4 – The Finale – Independence

accordanceDefianceimagesIndependence book 4


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