“Knock yourself out, baby. But please, let’s just make this one a verbal trample.” – This Man Trilogy

This Man  - This Man Confessed - Book 3LIVE on Amazon!4 stars out of 5 Review!

*CONTAINS SPOILERS – If you have NOT read any of the trilogy – DO NOT read any further*

It is a sad day when Jesse and Ava’s story comes to an end – but luckily enough for us, Ms. Malpas was kind enough to leave us with an ending that answered our questions, and gave us an opportunity to see into Jesse and Ava’s future with their children.

We know coming in from Beneath this Man that Ava is in all likely hood pregnant as Mr. Ward has been copping her birth control pills it seems since day one! He’s proposed – she’s accepted so going into the last book we’re expecting the pregnancy, wedding and the happily ever after right?

WRONG! Soooo wrong – there are so many twists and turns – secrets unfolding and yes, lots and lots of sense fucking, sleepy sex, twilight sex and many moments of Jesse Could Nine status.

Ava is avoiding the inevitability that she is in fact pregnant with Jesse’s child. She’s can’t seem to cope with the fact that her irrational-controlling God has stooped so low that he would even try to control her by knocking her up so he can keep her close. While she is sort of planning her wedding, (it seems as though Jesse has hired someone to take control of that as well,) she is all the while ignoring the conversation she should be having with her husband about the baby. She admits it to herself she’s been foolish. It isn’t until after the wedding at The Manor (yes, I said it – they had the wedding at The Lord’s Sex Manor! – but covered it up as a hotel/spa for Ava’s unknowing family and friends,) that she finally takes the step – going to the doctor to confirm her suspicions. She’s livid with Jesse when he finally admits he’s been taking her pills since their first encounter – he felt that if he impregnated her then she wouldn’t ever be able to leave him. Ava tries to dog her husband by going to the doctor on her own, only to walk into the waiting area finding him already there. She takes the test – and yes, she is in fact pregnant. But the clincher? She LIES! YES – LIES to poor Jesse and say’s that he failed in his attempt to control even this, going as far as to get a new prescription of birth control pills. Arguments ensue and only after 24 hours of being married she leaves him – after everything and her promises, she packs a bag and goes to Kate’s apartment.

Ava can’t fathom being a mother – she has herself convinced that she has no maternal instinct and decides that having an abortion is her only option – she won’t have Jesse controlling this aspect of her life and body. She makes the appointment and tries to convince herself that it is the right thing to do. She starts back at work and things seem to be running smoothly at first, until Ruth Quinn of course pops up and starts hounding her again over design changes and wants to meet ASAP! And of course – Ava’s desk finally cowards under the weight of her boss as we see him sputter and fall to the floor taking half of her desk with him – popping his shirt buttons as he goes. I blushed for the man, but we’ve been waiting for this since the first book.

Ava, still away from Jesse – and not hearing from him as she thought she would goes out with the gang for drinks. She’s in the bar with Kate and her work colleagues and is drinking as though she’s not with child – trying to ignore the guilt that keeps creeping in. Jesse of course finds her at the bar and proceeds to take her into an out of order bathroom and gives her one of the hottest retribution fucks I’ve read from Ms. Malpas. Only to leave her right after without saying a word. She’s angry, especially when she walks back out to the bar and finds him with his friends and a woman pawing for his affection – which he engages by allowing the woman to cup his ass. Ava see’s red and fighting ensues! She succumbs to her Lord and goes home with him, making friends and leaving us feeling better that things are going to work out – even though Jesse STILL doesn’t know that Ava is really pregnant.

Strange things start to happen – Ava receives dead flowers at work with a cryptic message that she doesn’t know Jesse and should leave him. She is almost ran off the road by Jesse’s stolen DBS – which brings Jesse’s controlling ways to the fore-front in an effort to keep his love safe.

After Ava finally comes clean that she really is pregnant – and a dozen or so pregnancy tests later to prove to Jesse she really is – things start coming full swing. She’s decided that she does want to keep the baby after seeing the love in Jesse’s eyes. Things start to unravel at work as Ava is having a hard time keeping track of the time – constantly late, and Jesse always asking her to quit her job and stay at home so he can have constant contact with her at all times – she of course declines, insisting that she wants to keep her career, but accepts that she can no longer work for Mikel once she realizes the only reason he wanted to work with her in the first place was because of his attraction to her – and as a bonus to seek revenge on Jessie for fucking his wife.

While on a meeting with Ruth Quinn Ava is convinced that Ruth is hitting on her – thus all the attempts to have dinner or drinks. But once she leaves the house, and enters the Rover with John (Jesse’s bodyguard) John takes a second glance at Ruth and you know something is amiss…

Jesse finally convinces his wife that a honeymoon is in order and sweeps her off to Paradise for a long weekend. While there they have enough hot sex to keep us going – and then when things are going really good – they’re at a restaurant having dinner the night before they’re to leave and Jesse of course attacks her, 3….2……1…. on the floor and then loudly and embarrassingly enough expresses his love for his new wife – and TWINS on the way. (Did I not mention that sooner? Yes they’re HAVING TWINS!) While in the restaurant Ava is having a hard time with the onlooker’s especially one in particular who keeps staring – when Jesse goes to see what she’s on about his demeanor changes and he immediately wants to leave. As they’re making their way to the car the same woman approaches them and then we realize it’s Jesse’s mother – and she’s heard everything about Ava being his wife and that she’s pregnant with twins. Jesse’s mom makes a statement that stun’s her – that can be their second chance. Ava of course assuming that this is his mother’s way of getting a second chance at Twins – because yes, Jesse had a twin brother who died in a horrible crash with they were teenagers. Ava is disgusted with the woman’s assumptions that they’d have a second change with Jesse’s children – of course Jesse shuts down – but eventually opens up and explains to her about the relationship he’s had with his parents as a result of his brother’s death.

As if things couldn’t get any worse?

Sarah is back at The Manor. After Jesse has relieved her of her duties after Ava walking in on them in his office – whip in hand, we finally find out why Jesse has a soft spot for the woman. She was Carmichael’s Lover – Girlfriend – and mother of their child. (Yes – Child.)

We find out nearing the end who Ruth really is – and it’s too late for Ava because she’s made her way into Lusso and is going to trample all over her and Jesse. Ruth is actually Lauren – Jesse’s first wife – GASP! All the secrets come crumbling down around Jesse once Lauren out’s herself to Ava in front of him – holding a kitchen knife. She lunges at Ava and of course, Jesse jumps in front of her and takes the hit – ending up in the hospital and in a coma for over two weeks. We find out that Lauren and Jesse were married very young as he impregnated her. He left her, divorced and then moved to his Uncle Carmichael’s to escape – to The Manor. Lauren/Ruth starts sputtering about Jesse killing their daughter Rosie – and how she’d still be alive if she hadn’t let him take her to Carmichael’s…and then everything hits at once – Carmichael’s fatal crash – Rosie was with him, as well as Rebecca – Carmichael and Sarah’s daughter.

The crash? A result of Carmichael walking in on Jesse and Sarah fucking – he hit the roof and took the girls in his anger….. crashing the car the three of them dying instantly. Literally – felt kicked in the gut when I read this. Could anything else so horrible happen to Jesse? NO wonder he’s so protective of Ava – makes perfect sense, he’s lost his Twin brother, his daughter, cousin and uncle who was in all intense purposes his father Carmichael. Ava starts to learn why Sarah is the way she is and can even find some common ground with the woman after Jesse’s accident – she doesn’t like that she’s still around but she can deal with it – she has empathy for the losses Sarah has suffered.

Once Jesse is out of the coma and on the mend, he and Ava return to paradise and enjoy all it offers. It’s then that he announces he’s giving up The Manor – explaining that he doesn’t need it anymore and he has sold it to be turned into a golf course – private club. He doesn’t want the secrets swirling around once their children are older – having to hide it from them. We get our happily ever after for Jesse and Ava…. and then the epilogue.

We fast forward five years to the twin’s five year birthday party – they’ve had a boy and girl and it still seems that Jesse has his controlling ways but the kids have him wrapped around their little fingers. Once the party has died down and grandma has taken the twin’s for the evening we see that Jesse’s passion hasn’t gone diminished since they’ve been married – or the children were born…..he still loves her in lace.


Ava & Her Mother: “Darling, can your mother offer you some advice?” “No.” i answer quickly on a small smile. She returns my smile and sits me on the end of the bed. “When you become a wife, you become the core of your husband.” She smiles fondly. “Let him think he’s in charge, let him think you can’t live without him, but never let him take your independence or identity, darling. They need their ego’s stroked, these men. They like to think they’re wearing the trousers, and you have to let them.”

Jesse & Ava: “I don’t want to take my eyes away from your face.” “No?” He shakes his head mildly. “They’ll be lace if I do, won’t there?” I nod. “White lace?” “Ivory.” His chest expands slightly. “And you’re taller, so you’ve got heels on.”

Ava: I watch as my mum approaches and throws her arms around Jesse. “Jesse Ward, I love you,” she says in his ear, as he holds her with one arm, “But please remove those handcuffs from my daughter.”

Ava: “I’m fine.” I sigh, taking a long sip of my water. Fucking water.

Ava/Jesse: I’m locked tightly against his chest, our tongues gliding softly between our mouths. “Mr. Ward, you’re drawing attention.” “Fuck them. Wherever, whenever, baby, you know that.”

Ava/Jesse: He pulls away. “Let me see those eyes.” I show him what he wants to see. “Why do you always demand to see them?” I ask. He only smiles mildly, but his greens still twinkle madly. “Because when I look into them, I know for sure that you’re real.”

Jesse: “I want everything in the world with you, baby, and I want it all yesterday.”

Jesse: “I’ll never love one more than the other.” he proclaims quietly.

Jesse/Ava: “You’re not going to be fat, Ava. You’re pregnant, and let me tell you, the thought of you keeping a piece of me and you warm and safe makes me fucking delirious happy, and…” he slow thrusts his hips upwards. He’s solid. “It makes me desire you even fucking more. Now, shut up and kiss me, wife.”




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