Be prepared to be trampled in 3……….2………


Ladies, please allow me to introduce you to Jesse……Lord of The Manor

I’ve read on several blogs and Facebook postings that this was “THE” new book to read after we were in our What to read after 50 Shades of Grey slump. I’ve been an avid reader most of my life, but hadn’t picked up a book in months until I bought my first Kindle Keyboard and downloaded 50 Shades of Grey – then devouring the other 2 in less than 4 days all three gone – left me with wanting a bit more smut. I trolled Goodreads, Amazon, Facebook and came across Jodi Malpas – an UK Indie Author, but no longer. Ms. Malpas is now a full fledged published author – able to quit her day job and focus solely on her writing – Lucky Bird!

I read This Man back in November and quickly realized 4 chapters in I was going to have to wait until January for the 2nd installment. I was already upset – because Jesse isn’t someone you can ignore. He’s a british blonde bombshell – trampling all over Ava in her pursuits to make sure he is the only man in her life. He’s wealthy – he’s arrogant – and he has deep dark secrets we are just DYING to explore…hoping some of them will involve him using his sexual prowness to over power Ava just one more time – fucking her into submission and making her realize whose in charge in this situation…… whether she wants to admit it or not.

The only problem I have with tomorrow? Is that I’m not sure whose going to win between Out of Breath by Rebecca Donovan – or This Man Confessed By Ms. Malpas in who gets read first – or it may be an all nighter once again where I have to drag my half dead body into work with a quad shot mocha – still angry at the world that I didn’t get to find out what happens until after work. Dear Mr. Ward, please bare with me….


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